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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Historica Part 1: Arjen A. Lucassen

In these Historica blogs I will put across a brief history of an artist and those albums that people should discover. This will act as a buyer’s guide that will include all related artists. I have chosen not to do any of the big bands in metal ('Tallica, Maiden, Priest etc.) unless specifically asked. These bands are chosen because many may not be familiar with them and I want to 'share the love' so to speak. Well enjoy!

Arjen Anthony Lucassen: Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer

Main Project:
Ayreon: Multi person, Prog-metal Sci-fi concept/opera featuring a revolving door line-up of some of the biggest names in metal.
Style: Various all based around progressive metal, some psychedelic/acoustic touches.
Albums: 7 Studio, 2 Compilation
Notes: All the albums link in concept and feature various vocalists and musicians

Other Projects:
Ambeon: Female fronted prog rock, softer than Ayreon
Style: Ambient Prog
Albums: 1 Studio
Notes: Currently on hiatus

Star One: Concept based on Sci-Fi films three male and one female singer on both albums
Style: Harder Edged Progressive metal
Albums: 2 Studio, 1 Live
Notes: Currently the most mainstream metal project, features Russell Allen from Symphony X

Stream Of Passion: Female fronted progressive metal band
Style: Gothic/Symphonic Metal with only female vocals
Albums: 3 Studio, 1 Live
Notes: Only the first album features Arjen and his partner Lori Linstruth. The other two just have Marcela Bovio the vocalist backed by another band 

Guilt Machine: Modern metal style album with a limited band
Style: Alternative Metal
Albums: 1 Studio
Notes: Collaboration between Arjen, Lori, Drummer Chris Maitland (Porcupine Tree) and relatively unknown singer Jasper Steverlinck

Buyer's Guide


Star One: Victims of the Modern Age (2010)
Newest album much less about specific fills as overall genres

Stream Of Passion: Embrace the Storm (2005)
Great set of Gothic metal songs

Ayreon: Timeline (2008)
Compilation album really sets the tone and gets you interested in the Ayreon concept


Guilt Machine (2009)
A darker listen but the most rewarding one

Star One: Space Metal (2002)
First album has more 70's prog references

Ayreon: 01011001 (2008)
Great end to the saga

Take Care:

Ambeon: Fate of a Dreamer (2001)
Maybe two ambient for some

'Anthony' Lucassen: Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy (1993)
Unsuccessful Solo album after leaving the band Vengeance

Links to Arjen's work: www.arjenlucassen.com/

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