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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Historica Part 2: Mostly Autumn

Mostly Autumn are a band inspired by 70’s prog-rock and folk. It is the brainchild of Guitarist and vocalist Bryan Josh who formed the band with Keyboardist Ian Jennings before getting Heather Findlay to lend her vocal talents. These three are the core members of MA in a band that has a fluctuating line-up. So because of this there are many splinter bands that are satellites to the main band and feature members in full time roles or guest appearances.

Main Project:
Mostly Autumn: Progressive rock/folk rock band with dual male and female vocals.
Style: 70’s progressive rock and folk bands. Pink Floyd and Fairport Convention are two that spring to mind.
Albums: 9 Studio, 4 E.P’s, 8 Lives, 3 Compilation
Notes: Revolving line up of backing musicians but in 2010 there was a major change in the shape of new front woman Olivia Sparnenn (former backing vocalist and singer of Breathing Space) after Findlay left to start a family.

Other Projects:
Panic Room: Prog band formed by current backing vocalist, multi-instrumentalist; Anne-Marie Helder and other former Karnataka members (Karnataka singer Rachel Jones formed the band The Reasoning)
Style: Prog Rock
Albums: 2 Studio.
Notes: This band is more of a straight up prog rock than MA

Breathing Space: Prog band formed by keyboardist Ian Jennings as a solo project that developed into a band, showcases Olivia Sparnenn’s vocals.
Style: Progressive Rock with some electronica touches
Albums: 3 Studio, 1 Live
Notes: Features guest performances form MA members. Few of these songs are played in current MA shows

Josh & Co LTD: Bryan Josh solo album
Style: Very Floydian but also has a mainstream rock appeal.
Albums: 1 Studio
Notes: Josh plays all the instruments except drums, features Olivia as female and backing vocals. 

Heather Findlay: Her solo alum
Style: Prog-folk
Albums: 1 Studio
Notes: Features past and present members of MA

Liam Davidson: Solo album from MA second guitarist
Style: Gilmour fronted Pink Floyd (1980’s-1990’s)
Albums: 1 Studio
Notes: Also features Anne-Marie and Heather

Parade: Band formed by one time keyboardist/guitarist Chris Johnson
Style: Rock
Albums: 1 Studio
Notes: features Anne Marie as part of the band and guest slots from Bryan Josh and Heather
Odin Dragonfly: Acoustic project by Heather Findlay and former backing vocalist multi-instrumentalist Angela Gordon.
Style: Acoustic folk
Albums: 1 Studio
Notes: Both members are no longer in MA but were part of the ‘classic’ line up

Buyer's Guide


Mostly Autumn: Heart Full Of Sky (2006)
Definitely one of the best albums with Heather

Panic Room: Satellite (2010)
Very progressive but more structured than the first offering

Mostly Autumn: Go Well Diamond Heart (2010)
First album with Olivia on lead vocals


Breathing Space: Below the Radar (2009)
The album where everything fell into place for the band

Josh & Co Ltd: Through These Eyes (2009)
Very song driven album that is unlike MA but still has similarities

Liam Davidson: A Treasure of Well Set Jewels (2011)
Great solo songs with a Gilmour influence

Take Care:

Odin Dragonfly: Offerings (2007)
Dark and acoustic may not push everyone’s buttons

Parade: The Fabric (2009)
Much poppier could be a turn off

Link to MA website: http://www.mostly-autumn.com/2/

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