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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Out Of The Beyond 7

Dirty Americans: Strange Generation

Dirty Americans come from the USA and are signed to Roadrunner records. They play blues infused heavy rock that is dripped in psychedelia. You can hear that they're influenced by some of the great 70's style rock bands but still maintain a modern edge. If I was to put pigeonhole their sound a mix of Audioslave and Monster Magnet would cover it, they have heavy riffs and the echoplexed vocals of Myron sound very similar to Dave Wyndorf. The band writes big powerful tunes and have enough soloing the biggest of shred head. The one thing that brings this album down is that it maybe a little too 'American' for some and another shame is that the band have not released any albums since, only some EP's which are only available in the USA. If you’re a fan of big, ballsy, riffed up retro-styled psych rock then you will love this album. Great stuff indeed! 9/10

Glenn Tipton: Baptized In Fire

Known as the founding guitarist of legendary and influential metal band Judas Priest, Glenn takes influences from more modern bands on this solo outing. All the guitars and vocals are performed by Mr Tipton who is backed admirably by a band of rotating session musicians. The sound of the album is more akin to bands like Pantera and 90's Megadeth's. Glenn vocally sounds very similar to Mustaine and his playing is obviously fantastic throughout. This album can be seen as similar to what Priest frontman Rob Halford was doing with his band Fight after leaving Priest. As an album this is a good set of modern sounding heavy metal songs but are not classics that he has written with Priest but they are solid enough to maintain the album. Despite Tipton's voice being strong it is a bit of an acquired taste however if you can get past that then you will have a very good metal album from an immensely talented musician. 8/10

Reckless Love: S/T

Coming from Finland Reckless Love obviously believe that music ended in 1989 so they have based their entire career on the blueprint of Motley Crue and Van Halen. They are one part AOR, one part sleaze and one part glam. The band play 80's style anthems that feature crystal clear guitar riffing, falsetto lead and harmonious backing vocal choirs that encompass the greats from that genre (frontman Ollie Herman is a dead ringer for David Lee Roth). If you’re a fan of melodic AOR style rockers with overwrought power ballads then you’re on to a winner here, if you like something with a bit more bite then you may have to give this a miss. 7/10

Dirty Americans: http://youtu.be/bXaCIwkE-LM
Glenn Tipton: http://youtu.be/zvU3P_Hdzxc
Reckless Love: http://youtu.be/Qy6NpF2V2xg         

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