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Friday, 16 September 2011

Live & Dangerous 9: Wheatus, MC Frontalot, Math The Band, City Stereo

I know, I know. The name conjures up images of the early 2000's and films with Jason Biggs but hear me out. It was a gig that a few friends (and readers) were going to so I tagged along, and you know what I'm glad I did.

I arrived too late to see City Stereo but from what I heard they were generic pop-punk and really not my thing but no score because you can't judge a band on two songs.

So onto the next support:

Math The Band
These are a two piece electronic band with garage influences (Think a sped up White Stripes that play Nintendo a little too much) Guitarist and singer Kevin Steinhauser shouted and slashed at his guitar for all he was worth but star of the show was electronic and drum player Justine Mainville, who's terrifyingly bug-eyed performance was both professional and at times a little scary. Any band that opens with an Andrew W.K song is pitching its tent and for Math The Band the tent stayed up for the entire set. Every song was a schizophrenic whirlwind of noise with added blips and bleeps to spice things up. A great band to get the crowd warmed up and one I would see again given the chance. 8/10

MC Frontalot

When the next act is named MC Frontalot I started to itch slightly. Was I going to be subjected to some god awful Hip-Hop? No I wasn't because MC Frontalot is a New York based self-proclaimed 'Nerdcore' rapper, he is a nerdy bald white man who raps about final video game bosses, Goth chicks and movie spoilers, and that is right up my street. He was very good at what he did but from a technical perspective the sound on his voice could have been clearer (considering this was the 'lead instrument'). Other than that a very enjoyable show. 8/10


One of the bands of my teenage years, Wheatus were huge when I was first watching MTV (when they still showed music). Everyone knows 'that song' but they have managed to survive for 10 years, and are still making albums in a D.I.Y fashion. Starting with Leroy the band kicked off a crowd friendly set. The band were in a jovial mood throughout and looked as if they were really enjoying themselves. Frontman Brendan B. Brown was funny, charming and gave a great frontman performance. The band backed him ably with kudos to bassist Matt Milligan who despite being the youngest member of the band is an utter professional. The crowd called for the songs they wanted to hear and the band complied (although we never did get that cover of Wonderwall) what we did get was their cover of My Name Is Jonas which was a way of paying back Weezer for their cover of ...Dirtbag at the summer festivals. As the penultimate song rolled by the band realised they only had 12 minutes to finish the set, and you could feel that neither the audience nor the band wanted to, but finish they had to and did so in spectacular style playing Teenage Dirtbag to a rapturous reception. Was I two minds? Yes. Am I glad I went? Yes. Would I go again? Well, yes I think I would. 8/10 

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