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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Live & Dangerous 15: Evile, Savage Messiah, Mutator

Evile, Savage Messiah, Mutator (Bogiez Cardiff)


Local boys Mutator burst onto the stage in a burst if frenetic riffing and howling from frontman/guitarist Stu Harris. The boys played with conviction and passion but they just seemed to be towing the line and playing what I saw as generic thrash metal. Many of the songs sounded like they were homages to the genre's legends rather than new tracks. The crowd were buoyed by the thrash onslaught no matter how generic it seemed to be. Maybe as the band improve and get bigger their writing will improve also? 6/10

Savage Messiah

Savage Messiah were a much more promising prospect playing melodic thrash in the vein of Megadeth with some traditional metal influences. Frontman Dave Silver had a clean powerful 80's style melodic voice and was also a great guitar player peeling off solo's with ease. Unlike Mutator Savage Messiah seemed to much more accomplished and their songs were all their own work, albeit featuring nods to the legends. The band were professional and seemed to be enjoying themselves all the time they were on stage. Great songs, great musicianship, great band. Look forward to seeing them again. 7/10


A band that have eluded me live for a while so I was determined to see them tonight. I was glad I did as they performed fantastically and with such professional ease despite frontman Matt Drake's flu. Not that this affected his voice as he was able to use his Hetfield-like roar with gusto. Opening with the title track to their latest album Five Serpents Teeth the band immediately grabbed the crowd’s attention before ripping them a new one with Killer From The Deep. The band kept up their relentless pace Mixing songs from all three albums with Thrasher causing the biggest pits. Evile finished the main set with the title track of their second album Infected Nation before coming back for an encore of the title track of their first album Enter The Grave. The band slaye(r)d the crowd form beginning to end and were fantastic, the Drake brother’s guitar playing was top notch, with the powerhouse drumming and galloping bass shaking the foundations of Bogiez. Even the sound wasn't bad. Definitely a band to see again and one of the brightest hopes on the British metal scene. 9/10

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