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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Live & Dangerous: DevilDriver, Malefice, Collapse, Against Fate, Drain The Lake

This was off date from their tour with Machine Head so it was DevilDriver and Malefice with Collapse, and local bands Against Fate and Drain The Lake in support slots. (Cardiff Coal Exchange)

Drain The Lake

Shit 0/0

Against Fate

After that travesty finally a band that were at least musical, they are hardcore/metal band that hail from The Valleys. The six-piece played muscly hardcore with some groove influences. They were good at what they did but it was really nothing too special. They were also hampered by poor sound (an on-going theme). All in all they were an enjoyable band that the majority of the crowd seemed to enjoy. 6/10


Collapses stormed the stage with a heavy brand of groove metal filled with tight riffing and kick drumming galore. Duncan Wilson's voice had power and his roars were excellent however again the sound was muddy and the mic he was using was giving terrible feedback which was a shame as they were an enjoyable that got the atmosphere going in the room inspiring pits vicious head banging. A band I would see again if I had the chance as they were great heavy metal hampered by dreadful sound. 7/10


You know what you are going to get Malefice who are one of the best live bands on the scene playing their meaty modern metal to a now suitably refreshed crowd meant that they were causing pits with every song especially with Architect Of Your Demise and Awaken The Tides despite these two super-fast tracks being included, the band I think made a mistake by including The Haunting which is slightly too slow for a 30 minute set. Other than that they played a good set and got the crowd moving, again the sound was slightly muddy which was a shame but Malefice overcame like the professionals they are. 7/10


The headliners burst onto the stage in flurry of riffs and blast beats that are End Of The Line and didn't really take their foot of the gas for the entire hour and a bit set. With favourites like Clouds Over California, Not All Who Wander Are Lost and Pray For Villains included they band easily won over the crowd, the band are all excellent musicians but it is frontman Dez Fafara that steals the show, he is a superb frontman and his voice is strong and very natural sounding when he screams (when you could hear him) he is also excellent at orchestrating a crowd as he controls the obligatory circle pits brilliantly even making one move in slow motion. Before the last two songs he opens the floor and the biggest pit of the night opens up while the band rips through Before The Hangman's Noose ending the set. 8/10

To sum up a great night of British metal topped by one of the best American live acts, unfortunately the sound could have been better and Drain The Lake should be shot. Overall 8/10

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