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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Live & Dangerous: Serenity, Pythia, Lost In Thought

Serenity, Pythia, Lost In Thought (Bogiez Cardiff)

Lost In Thought

Last minute replacements for Nemesea were Swansea Prog-metallers Lost In Thought. Despite playing confident technically proficient metal, they really didn't do it for me as I thought they were trying a bit too hard to sound like Dream Theater with vocalist Nate Loosemore doing a good impression of LaBrie's vocals albeit without the range. Although the 20 minute set was fine they didn't win me over. 6/10


Female fronted British symphonic metal band Pythia were next and they also were doing a good covers act with their slightly heavier Nightwish style. Emily Alice Ovenden has powerful classical voice that has good range and she is quite a confident front woman, the band were also very good bringing a classic metal vibe to the overarching symphonic keys. Accomplished and entertaining but not really doing anything new in a genre that is very overpopulated which may hinder their progression. 7/10


Austria's Serenity are a melodic power metal band in a similar vein to Kamelot. They play full on prog/symphonic tinged power metal delivered with passion and grit. Vocalist Georg Neuhauser has great voice that is almost identical to Sonata Arctica's Tony Kakko and the keys of Mario Hirzinger interplay beautifully with Thomas Burchberger's guitar playing which means they sound alot like both Sonata and Kamelot. The band stormed through a set of their back catalogue focussing mainly on the pounding speed anthems for the majority stopping only occasionally to pull out a lighters-in-the-air ballad that melodic PM bands do so well (I'm thinking Replica here). The band even brought along Whyzdom singer Clementine Delauney to handle the female vocals on tracks such as Serenade Of Flames (performed by Charlotte Wessels from Delain on the album). The band were excellent and pulled a decent enough crowd, they should get bigger on this evidence, and if they don't it would be a great shame because they are very entertaining. 8/10

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