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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Live & Dangerous: Anthrax, Butcher Babies, Collapse

Anthrax, Butcher Babies & Collapse: Cardiff Coal Exchange 12th June 2012

Coming into one of my favourite locations for gigs I settled in to get another look at Collapse who were pretty good the last couple of times I have seen them so I was looking forward to them.


Unfortunately for these semi-local lads the sound was not good at all so their groove metal assault was less effective than it had been previously, this meant that the guitars were murky and the vocals were barely audible meaning that they were less enjoyable than the last couple of times I've seen them. Sorry guys. 5/10

Butcher Babies

Tits (and not in a good way) 2/10


After two somewhat disappointing support acts the main event needed to deliver and deliver they did. Kicking things off with two tracks from their renaissance album Worship Music they sounded on top form Belladonna lungs were as powerful as ever (he even knew where he was), Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano shredded up a storm with Caggiano's soloing given ample time. Frank Bello ran across the stage and gurned like a maniac and Charlie Benante smashed his drum kit like he hated it. The set was primarily newer tracks mixed with classics in the form of Caught In A Mosh, Medusa, Among The Living and the evergreen Madhouse. However what did trouble me slightly was the amount of covers present, yes Got The Time and Antisocial are pretty much Anthrax songs now but they are still covers from a band with an expansive back catalogue, (They could have even thrown in the odd John Bush-era song). This was bolstered by putting a cover of Neon Nights in their encore which although perfectly executed was a little bit of overkill on the cover front and also meant that Metal Thrashing Mad was not played still the band ended with the classic I Am The Law which left the crowd hungry for more (something they had not been during Indians which meant Ian had to restart the War dance). A good show performed by a band back to their prime, but playing a set too set on covers. 8/10

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