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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Out Of The Beyond 24

I AM I: Event Horizon (ZeeTeePee Records)

When ZP Threat left Dragonforce to peruse his own career many wondered what he would do next, many were expecting prime cheese ridden power metal. Threats voice is still unmistakable and recognisable from the opening track This My Life which features mid-paced riffage and big AOR keys. The songs are good (much better on record than live) but they are lacking something, the whole thing sounds just very middling, the band are talented and ZP can sing (on record) but the whole package of the melodic guitars, twinkly keyboards and Threats more restrained vocal delivery makes the band sound like a budget Stratovarius, tracks like Cross The Line, Silent Genocide and Kiss Of Judas (not a Strato cover) are all bouncy rockers that the Finn's do with ease and King In Ruins is a mega ballad that sounds like Journey. However everything just sounds a bit robotic there doesn't seem to be any genuine conviction in the writing and everything just seems a little 'generic'. ZP came from a band that reinvigorated a genre and whether you love them or hate them they were different, this is the same old thing that bands like Stratovarius have been doing for years. It just doesn't have any threat (sorry) to it. 6/10

Dirty Youth: Red Light Fix (Transcend Music/Universal)

The Dirty Youth hail from South Wales and they play alternative metal with a melting pot of influences. Fronted by the shocking pink mane of Danni Monroe the band will immediately conjure up images of Paramore however TDY are more like countrymen Skindred full of snotty attitude and big bouncy riffs, seen on opener Rise Up, which starts with an angelic piano led vocal before erupting into well dark brooding riff. The band add more strings to their bow with the low-down bass driven rhythm of tour mates Korn featuring heavily on The End, before adding bratty punk and SOAD with Requiem For The Drunk and Fight. Monroe's vocals are tough and remind me a bit of Maria Brink when she's singing clean. The guitars of Luke Padfield and Matt Bond (who also provides some keys) are great as are the drums and bass, the band have a managed to create some great anthems on their debut that will work excellently on the live circuit which is where this band will shine. Obviously there will be some Paramore similarities with the final part of the album having more of Hayley Williams and co Ellen, Last Confession and Promises all having that pop-punk sound. The Dirty Youth have created a great debut album full of big, hook filled rock songs its well T(I)DY! 8/10

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