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Saturday, 12 October 2013

The View From The Back Of The Room: Persian Risk

The NWOBHM was a time the revolutionised British metal as well as the springboard for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Def Leppard, however for every band that 'made it' there were many that didn't, however nostalgia is a powerful thing and Cardiff NWOBHM legends Persian Risk have come back with not only a new album but also a date in the town where they were formed. We also got a special treat with a special guest appearance by founding Guitarist Phil Campbell who is currently Lemmy's axeman. But more on that later:

Switchblade Overdrive

As we descended into the bowels of Bogiez we were introduced to Switchblade Overdrive who stormed the stage with some heavy metal fury. The ploughed through some heavy Metallica style metal with lots of grit but not really a lot of power. Yes they played very well, and the singer had a strong voice but their sound didn't really have enough oomph. Still they were a good warm up for the main event and any band that has the balls to cover Maiden must know how good they are (only really Triaxis can get away with it) with a little bit more power to their sound Switchblade Overdrive will go far. 7/10

Persian Risk

So this was it, as Bogiez filled out with those that have been there since the beginning, some of whom were ex-roadies and 'true' fans. So those of us that have never seen the band were waiting with anticipation. After the band came on stage to a hero’s welcome we knew we had nothing to fear as from the opening track Hang On the band proceeded to blow Bogiez away, the guitar of Howie G brought that classic sounding NWOBHM riffs, throughout and the bass and drums of Wayne Banks and Tim Brown brought the thunder with their galloping rhythms and even a solo for both respectively. The band stormed through their set with aplomb led ably by frontman Carl Sentence who has an amazing voice and is the brainchild of the reunion due to his long-term residency as the bands singer, he has very powerful voice that is up there with Biff, Rob and Bruce. Taking most of their tracks from their second album released last year they have written some hard rocking material that got the big crowd pumping their fists and shouting along with every line! The set came to a close with a killer cover of Dio's Stand Up And Shout and Persian Risk left the admittedly partisan audience wanting more, and they weren't left waiting too long. After a brief confab at the side of the stage Mr Campbell came back on with the band and they kicked into two of the tracks that he wrote in his time with the band which got the faithful full of beans and rocking like it was 1980! A great end to a great set, this was a triumphant return from the band that will forever be part of Welsh rock history, come back soon guys! 9/10  

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