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Monday, 17 March 2014

World Of Metal 6: Human Decay, Marshroom, Trigant

Human Decay: Figli Di Dio (Self Released)

Human Decay are thrash band hailing from Italy and Figli Di Dio is their debut EP, it features three tracks of furious thrash with some technical guitar playing and lots of blast beat drumming topped with some deathy vocals. The band's lyrics are in Italian which is not a problem as most fo the time thrash is purely about the riffs and these are solid, Sperma Benedetto, Vampiri and Meschini Traditori have an old school feel of bands like Exodus and Forbidden mixing the thrash with the death vocals and the rough and ready production. With two speed metallers it's up to Meschini Traditori to end the album with a stomping riff to headbang to and by the time its over you can see that Human Decay have a lot of potential and talent that just needs to be harnessed. 7/10  

Marshroom: Kappelmesiter (Self Released)

So a trio made up of one girl and two guys that play hard rock? Sounded like an interesting prospect and as the rim hits of I Like It signal the intro to the bluesy hard rock style with some killer guitar from Vladimir, pulsing bass from Vyacheslav and drums from Yana. This is a band that have a mix of styles and like to mix it up throughout giving them a sound similar to System Of A Down with an off kilter, never quite sure what's going to happen sound. Case in point Mr Kokle which has a kazoo at the beginning and has a Beatles like madness about it before morphing into a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song with lots of funk bass/guitar and runs for over 11 minutes(!) changing style throughout. The two Razzamatazz tracks are very much the same track split into two and leads into Motley Limb which is a big jangly ballad. Marshroom really do throw a bit of everything in the pot to try and make it work and for the most part they do, yes the vocals are a bit weird, the production ranges from adequate to dire and the band are bit like Marmite you will either be taken in them or be totally put off. I'm in the former camp and thought they are doing something abit different and new to a lot of bands out there. 7/10

Trigant: Wolves EP (Self Released)

Trigant are from Germany and yes they play thrash however this isn't your normal Kreator, Destruction, Sodom fodder the band branch out a bit throwing in some groove metal ala Machine Head and Lamb Of God. See Wolves which has a driving percussive intro before the guitars kick in and get heads banging. The guitars of Benjamin and Robin Rechner are great with Benjamin really showing his skill on the melodic intro to Reflection and the drums of Daniel Rodenbuchter really anchors everything on Disembodied. So the music is good but still I haven't really taken to Trigant, this could be because of Peter's vocals which I just don't like (personal opinion I know) still like I said the music is good, the production is crisp and modern and the songwriting for riffs etc strong I just think with a better vocalist the band could be a lot better. 5/10

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