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Thursday, 16 October 2014

World Of Metal 19: Reaction, Son Of Wine, Second To Sun

Reaction: Kill The Parasite (Self Released)

Reaction hail from the shores of Italy and they bring with them some progressive thrash metal. As the intro subsides we dive head first into Behind Your Mask which is part Metallica, part Testament with a speedy first half, shouted vocals and a breakdown final part that will get the masses jumping. The band are all consummate musicians with some great drums from Jvan Tagliabue who rumbles like thunder on Betray The Time, which also features a bass solo from Enrico "Terry" Rusconi who plays his bass like a lead guitar merging seamlessly with the six strings of Marco Vicari who also provides the Chuck Billy-like vocals. Things slow down on Lost which is an acoustic song in the vein of Metallica's Black Album period which turns into an electric solo filled finale before we are driven right back into thrash territory on Criminal Pride replete with 'Tallica's bells(!). Yes they wear their influences on their sleeves but this trio play with passion and conviction and the songs themselves are strong with lots of great dynamics in the music and the playing is in places amazing (see the acoustic introduction of Cage Of Freedom). There are some problems Vicari's voice is not amazing but it is good enough to be listenable and give weight to the songs, the production too is not amazing but it does lend a taste of authenticity to proceedings. All in all though this is a great thrash album from these Italians!! 8/10

Sons Of Wine: Walking In The Mud (Self Released)

As the jangly guitars of the Beatles-like opening title track kicks off you would be forgiven for thinking Sons Of Wine are from the swamps of America and as the album continues this down home Black Crowes like Americana continues, however Sons Of Wine hail from the country of Dionysius himself, Greece. With many European bands, they sound European, Sons Of Wine don't, they sound very Anglicised with elements of The Who, The Beatles, The Eagles and The Allman Brothers especially on Angel's Ride and the Countrified I'm On Fire. Now I'm a fan of The Allman's and blues based rock in general and Sons Of Wine do some top quality laid back blues rock with a dash of funk thrown in for good measure. The steam train percussion of Dragon is the bands backbone, Bill is the funk thrown in with his hypnotic bass rhythms and Zen, Sergeant and Captain are the triple guitar delivery providing clean melodic guitar lines and sweet solos. With Sergeant providing the laid back soulful vocals throughout. With a distinct late 60's, early 70's vibe the Sons Of Wine are a great band that defy expectation, these Greeks do chilled out blissful blues rock better than a lot of Yanks and that is saying something! 8/10  

Second To Sun: Three Fairy Tales (Self Released)

Russia's Second To Sun are an instrumental power trio coming from the truly twisted minds of guitarist Vladimir Klimov-Lehtinen, bassist Anton Danilevsky and Theodor Borowski on drums. The band meld djent, black metal and their own Finno-Ugric music. This EP is a follow up to their debut album Based On A True Story and it is three songs all of which are heavy, crazy and endearing. The opener The Trapper is filled with blastbeat drums, palm muted djent riffs and lots of synths. Second track Merämaa is an almost video game affair and is where the band's Finno-Ugric music meets metal before Barmaley rounds out the trio of songs with a straight up metal affair. A great little EP from Second To Sun, short and sweet. 6/10

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