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Monday, 16 January 2017

Reviews: Gone Is Gone, Bedowyn, Constant Threat, Bastard (Reviews By Paul)

Gone Is Gone: Echolocation (Rise Records)

Another supergroup featuring a member of Mastodon. This time it's Troy Sanders who has teamed up with Troy Van Leeuwen from Queens of the Stone Age, drummer Tony Hajjar from At The Drive In and multi instrumental talent Mike Zarin. It's an interesting mix alright, with jazz fused pieces combining with riff laden sections and the very identifiable Sanders vocal delivery. Opener Sentient is bone crushingly heavy in parts, whilst Gift changes direction and style several times.

The spacial feel of Resurge contrasts with Dublin which contains a haunting introduction and sits much closer to latter day QOTSA in feel. Each track changes pace and tone which certainly peaks the interest. Pawns for example has a grungy darkness. Slow Awakening unsurprisingly contrasts with Fast Awakening, the former industrial in style whilst the latter is a murky far racier tune. The album closer Echolocation has an almost 1980s electronica flavour. It's a real mix of approaches which will appeal to the listener who requires a little more than heads down rock ‘n’ roll. Worth a visit. 7/10

Bedowyn: Blood Of The Fall (Self Released)

The debut from American doom and stoner outfit Bedowyn sits very close to the Mastodon sound with a decent amount of groove liberally sprinkled throughout. It's good stuff if you like your metal undulating on a wild horse ride. Rampant drumming, heavy chunky riffs and harmonic vocals, Blood Of The Fall works in every department. This was actually released way back in October 2015 but it's worth checking out. Shades Of The Sword are occasionally prominent but it's Mastodon who are the immediate comparison. 7/10

Constant Threat: The Dismal Order (Self Released)

The work of a single musician who uses sample blast beats to supplement his guitar work, The Dismal Order is about the billionth independent release from the American known as Mike H. Repetitive and uninspiring, with dull riffs and little to stimulate the listener, it's certainly appropriately titled. Time to get out of the basement and get a real job. 1/10

Bastard: Self Titled (Self Released)

Russian death black metal. It's awful. Dreadfully produced and totally unoriginal, this should have been choked at birth. Avoid at all costs. 1/10

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