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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Reviews: Coldstone, Prayers Of Sanity, Darcee Fox (Reviews By Paul)

Coldstone: Behind The Words (Self Released)

French power trio Coldstone (not to be confused with at least four other bands from around the globe with the same name) formed in 2005. Behind The Words is their second release, and it’s a high-octane ride of quality hard rock and metal. Sitting very much in the same camp as Tremonti, Godsmack and Staind, it’s full of driving riffs and crashing drums which will be perfect for a hot summer day on the motorway.

High energy from start to finish, the band comprise Cyrille F on guitar and vocals, Phil F on bass and the crazy pounding of drummer Marc S. Tracks like Never Die and It’s Not Over are impressive power, causing the foot to tap and the head to nod. It’s powerful stuff and whilst the sound is quite generic at times, it’s competently played and well worth a listen. Cyrille’s fuzzy guitar and gritty vocals impress from start to finish and the cohesion of the band who also slip in some neat Metallica style chugging is noticeable throughout. Well worth getting an earful. 8/10

Prayers Of Sanity: Face Of The Unknown (Rastilho Records)

Portugal is one of my favourite places to visit but until recently my knowledge of metal from that beautiful country was pretty limited; yeah, Moonspell and Malevolence and a couple of others and that was about it. Prayers Of Sanity hail from Lagos and have been plying their intense thrash since 2007. For a three piece they make a fine noise, with Tiao’s straining howls a welcome fit to their retro sound.

With a mix of influences, the best way of comparing their sound is to merge the aggression of Exodus and Overkill with the speed of Death Angel and Lost Society and the stomp of Anthrax. It’s nothing new but good thrash is always a joy to listen to, a genre that when done well is fantastic and when delivered poorly is abysmal. Face Of The Unknown sits in the former category. Slicing guitar work, huge riffs, machine gun drumming and snarling vocals. It may not be big, it may not be clever but it’s a very decent third release. 7/10

Darcee Fox: Islands (Self Released)

Islands is the debut release from Aussies Darcee Fox and it’s a good ‘un. In a shock change from the usual type of music hitting us from Melbourne, this isn’t thrash or beer soaking balls out down n’ dirty rock but quality blues drench rock n’ roll with of course, the typical Aussie swagger. I’ve played this release a few times now and it gets better every time. The band comprise vocalist Elliot Okerstrom who has an uncannily similar sound to RavenEye’s Oli Brown, the twin guitars of Nick Casalini and Mark Day and the powerhouse rhythm combination of Jay Morgan on bass and drummer Karl Mallet.

Just shy of 50 minutes, Islands has a range of styles which all contain some heartfelt blues which get the foot tapping from the start. There’s bits of everything on this release. There’s the acoustic Night Owl, with some superb guitars and layered vocals, Teeth which is a rocking good track and the title track which opens the album with a large stomp and some chunky riffs. If you like Rival Sons, The Black Crowes and all stations in between then Darcee Fox should really float your boat. 8/10

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