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Monday, 20 November 2017

The Spotlight: Interview With Tim of The New Roses

Interview With Tim Of The New Roses At Hard Rock Hell XI

MoM: Hi Tim thanks for talking to us, great show earlier by the way. This show is coming towards the end of a tour...

Tim: I think we've actually got another 20 to go

MoM: Oh Christ! OK! (Note to self do more research)

MoM: This is only one of 2 dates in the UK. How is it going so far? How are the dates in the UK?

Tim: We love the UK it's like the birthplace of rock music, we're rock and rollers and you can feel that spirit, walking through London last time we were here, was really cool. We drove up here through the hills from Birmingham, it's a beautiful trip. I love the landscape, I love the people and I love that rock n roll has been loved here.

MoM: This only your second time in the UK? Have you noticed any difference between us and German fans?

Tim: Every country has a certain personality which I appreciate, as it keeps it exciting, I wouldn't go as far as calling somebody better...there is a difference some are more like rocking out, others are more anonymous, some like listening and then afterwards talk really closely. The UK for me the UK has been very, very heartful, they still love it here and after the show they just want to talk to you and buy you a beer.

MoM: Your style of music is not what many would consider stereo typically German, i.e power metal, thrash metal, The Scorpions. Who or what are your influences?

Tim: Where I came from was the very very old school rock music like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and I really went back to the blues of T-Bone Walker and Howlin Wolf and from there I build it up so Elvis to Chuck Berry, Berry to AC/DC. I went through the development of rock and roll in the right order. That's the way it sort of happened. I stopped somewhere so I'm not really into modern rock music, but I listen to soul and jazz. Anything that comes from the heart. The other guys in the band like punk and metal, Urban our drummer he loves Slayer and Pantera. We've got a great mix.

MoM: Your newest album ‎One More The Road is your second record on Napalm, but unlike Dead Man's Voice this one has seen you break through to the wider rock community, do you feel that's the case?

Tim: It definitely got us to the next level, the first record we only really sold at shows or out of a box but it had that Sons Of Anarchy song on it so that did really well for us, that's where we met our record label which has opened our doors to the radio, but no tour. This new record has meant tonnes more people are coming to the shows.

(As I was told to wrap up by the people buzzing around, I went straight in with our go to finisher)

MoM: ‎What's your favourite sheep?

Tim: *Laughs* Dartmoor, definitely a rock and roll sheep with his long hair and Hebredian, he's an epic sheep

As we said our goodbyes, Tim was whisked away to his next interview, he seems like a real rock lover and I think we could have talked for hours had he not been on strict schedule. Check out The New Roses on record and live when they are next in the UK or near you.

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