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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

A View From The Back Of The Room: Cannibal Corpse (Live Review By Rich)

Cannibal Corpse & Black Dahlia Murder, Motion Bristol

For the second in a trilogy of gigs in Bristol during the month of March, it was off to The Marble Factory for the death metal legends Cannibal Corpse. This show was originally meant to take place at The Bierkeller but the venue's sudden and sad closure forced a multitude of shows to be moved to different venues across the city of Bristol. This worked to many peoples advantage as Cannibal Corpse was upgraded to a larger venue and more tickets went on sale (the show at The Bierkeller having been a sell out).

This is going to be an interesting show to review as whilst on the train to Bristol I started feeling incredibly unwell and I continued to deteriorate throughout the evening. I should have gone straight back to Cardiff but stubborn metalhead here was not missing the show and wasting his money. If I had felt well this show would have been wonderful from my perspective but unfortunately I was completely miserable and feeling like utter shite for the entire duration of the show. This review will be based on what I can remember of the show and the positive aspects I did pick up.

I had checked out opening band In Arkadia prior to the gig and found them not to my liking so I didn't make my way to the venue until shortly before the start of main support act The Black Dahlia Murder (8). It had been a good while since I had seen The Black Dahlia Murder live and it was nice to see how far they have come as a live band commanding a huge stage presence and a fervent response from the audience. A good chunk of the set (almost half in fact) was taken up by songs from their latest album Nightbringers whilst most other records were represented with a variation of songs from the back catalogue such as What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse, On Stirring Seas Of Salted Blood, Everything Went Black and Warborn sending the audience into dizzying heights of craziness. Trevor Strnad proved himself to be a impeccable frontman but special mention has to go to guitarist Brandon Ellis (formerly of Arsis) who absolutely shredded his guitar to pieces. He is proving to be a fantastic addition to the band.

Feeling no better but determined to soldier on it was time for headliners and death metal heavyweights Cannibal Corpse (8). This was the first time I had seen Cannibal Corpse outside of a festival so I was absolutely devastated to not fully enjoy the show. Cannibal Corpse came and did what they do best walking on stage to little fanfare and just playing a devastatingly heavy and brutal set of straight up fucking death metal. I was suffering with a bit of a fever during the set which meant I had to go outside and cool off several times missing several songs in the set but from memory a good chunk of songs were played off new album Red Before Black including the title track, Code Of The Slashers and Only One Will Die. Some tasty selection from Corpsegrinder's tenure with the band were also played including Evisceration Plague, The Wretched Spawn, Kill Or Become and Devoured By Vermin before the band launched into a pile of old school classics at the end of the set including A Skull Full Of Maggots, I Cum Blood, Stripped, Raped And Strangled and the now classic Hammer Smashed Face. This was a show lacking in surprises but it was a band performing like a very well oiled machine and proceeding to smash the senses of everyone in the audience.

As said earlier in the review had I been a well man this evening I would have thoroughly enjoyed the gig but even despite suffering I could tell that this was a fantastic performance by both bands.

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