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Sunday, 8 April 2018

A View From The Back Of The Room: Teethgrinder (Live Review By Rich)

Teethgrinder, Foetal Juice, Casket Feeder & OMV, Fuel Rock Club

A Bank Holiday Sunday and with no work the following day it seemed rude not to pop along to Fuel in Cardiff for an evening of grind and death metal. Unfortunately I missed the first two bands Pupil Slicer and Total Consumption but managed to get there for the majority of Liverpool's hardcore street metal band OMV (5). The band played a hybrid of metal and hardcore which reminded me of New York hardcore bands such as Biohazard and Madball plus I heard a bit of an influence from Prong in their sound. The band played a tight set including a cover of Redneck by Lamb Of God but for me the music was just a bit lacking.

Next up were Casket Feeder (8) who have a sound which mixes old school Swedish death metal and hardcore. It's a sound that really works reminding me of bands such as Trap Them, Nails and Black Breath. The band played a crushing set including songs from their Venomous Tongues EP and had myself and fellow members of the audience utterly impressed. One band I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for.

In the main support slot were the band I had mainly come to see which is Manchester's Foetal Juice (8). I utterly love the EP and album that Foetal Juice have released but have never managed up until this point to see them live. Thankfully they did not disappoint with a brutalising set of old school death metal and grindcore. The majority of the set was taken from 2016's Masters Of Absurdity album with tunes such as Phantom Visions, Grave Denied and Nun So Vile laying everything to waste in their path.

And to the headline slot taken by Dutch grind bastards Teethgrinder (10). Apart from a handful of songs heard on Spotify this was my first proper exposure to Teethgrinder and they damn sure left a lasting impression with a set of crippling intensity. The band had ridiculous amounts of energy with frontman Jonathan Edwards spending the entire set off the stage in the pit with the audience. The band have a sound which encompasses grindcore, black metal, sludge metal and elements of post-metal and are so damn heavy they make your teeth ache.

A shout out to Gav from Eradication Bookings who gets some absolutely fantastic bands to play in South Wales. This was absolutely no exception. After some bigger shows I'd forgotten how much fun these small intimate club shows are especially when you have grind bands playing. All in all a fantastic evening.

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