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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Live & Dangerous 16: Fozzy, Jettblack, Verses

Fozzy, Jettblack, Verses (CF10 Cardiff Uni)


When a band realises that they do not fit on a bill you know that maybe they shouldn't have said yes to the booking. This band had poppy metal tunes, 'popular' haircuts and more merch than good songs which meant that I couldn't warm to them. Despite how good they were as musicians, their singer hit a few bum notes (something I was expecting later in the evening) and like a said their music was just not inspiring. I'm afraid a band that just failed to click with me and a majority of the already small audience (except the drunk ones). 5/10


British 80's metal revivalists Jettblack pulled no punches on their support slot, the ballads form their debut did not feature at all. This was pure straight up rock 'n' roll. Opening with perennial fave Slip It On the band came out all guns blazing the riffing and solos from Will and John tearing the audience a new one. Will's vocals were spot on John's however were slightly croaky but this added to the raunch of the songs such as Two Hot Girls, When It Comes To Loving and Fooled By A Rose the bands set was short but was able to feature a guitar duel between the two frontmen which culminated in final song Get Your Hands Dirty. Jettblack was able to win over audience convincingly with their turbo-charged metal and are a great band to see live. 8/10


What was I expecting to see from the band fronted by WWE Superstar Chris Jericho? Well I had both glowing and abysmal reviews of their past performances, so it was time to make up my own mind by seeing them live. Coming on to Queen's We Will Rock You the band came out to large cheers and Stuck Mojo man Rich Ward immediately started to riff like a bastard. Jericho prowled the stage and sang mostly from the lighting rig and barrier, enticing the crowd to join in with the heavy noise. For the first three songs the sound was muddy with Jericho's voice being drown out (whether his is good or bad is your own opinion) but after three songs in and during the Maiden sounding Pray For Blood his voice was clear and really not bad, admittedly he is not the best singer technically but neither is Ozzy Osbourne, he is however able to work a crowd, mainly due to his other 'job', this was most evident during Martyr No More and God Pounds His Nails. This isn't to say I wasn't surprised by his voice on a few occasions; one scream made me think "Ok that was pretty good." Rich Ward and the band played brilliantly equally blending heavy biker rock, with groove and thrash metal to create a surprisingly heavy combo. If I was to sum up this gig, which ended with the favourite Enemy, in one word it would be surprising as I came in with my hopes low but I came out with a grin on my face from this very entertaining live band, entertainment always wins out over technical ability in the end. 8/10

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