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Sunday 8 January 2012

Out Of The Beyond 12

Ecliptica: Impetus

This power/traditional metal band from Austria have a unique prospect in that they feature both male and female vocalists, however unlike bands that have the harsh/ethereal model both vocalists have clean vocals with Thomas Tieber having a classic powerful metal voice and Elisabeth Fangmeyer having an almost pop croon. The album features the excellent backing of two guitarists in Markus Winkler and Bernhard Scholtz who also contributes vocals on the majestic Turn Away. The rhythm section of Florian Thur and Roman Klomar provide a muscular back beat. The tracks merge between heavy classic metal with some tracks having a progressive influences especially the final track Black Swan and other tracks have a sleazy hard rock vibe. Both vocalists perform well together with their voices meshing brilliantly. This is a great first album form a band that has a great future ahead of them, it remains to be seen whether the new female vocalists and guitarists can produce a second time after the loss of Fangmeyer and Scholtz. 7/10
Sons Of Seasons: Gods Of Vermin & Magnisphyricon

Gods of Vermin

Sons Of Seasons are a progressive/symphonic metal band formed by Kamelot keyboardist Oliver Palotai who handles both the keys and guitars on both albums. Gods Of Vermin is their debut and immediately sets about showing what the band are about. The opening title track features changing time signatures and massive symphonic hooks this is followed by the soaring Blind Man's Resolution. The vocals of long-time Metallium singer Henning Basse provides a powerful mid-range vocal on all the tracks which is supported by the classical vocals of Epica singer (Palotai's girlfriend, and cover model of the CD) Simone Simons and the growls, roars and barks of Epica/After Forever singer/guitarist Mark Jansen. All in all this entire album features top-quality prog/symphonic metal from a group of musicians who are well versed in this genre. 7/10


This is the second album from SOS and features the added guitars of Pepe Pierez which means that this album has a heavier sound. Again the main vocals come from Henning Basse with help from Ms Simons this album is far more progressive than the first with the album split into 3 parts separated by the 3 instrumental title tracks that means this concept album has a very audible story coming through it. The tracks all seem to be far more accomplished that they were on the debut however there is not really much progression which will put some off but also means that the band have stuck to what they know best. This is another accomplished effort from a band that is more than just a side-project. 7/10

Volbeat: Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

Danish 'Elvis-metallers' released their newest album in 2010 and again it features barnstorming, Metal-billy. They are a mix of old-school rockabilly bands with a healthy dollop of Metallica thrown in for good measure. Frontman Michael Poulsen has a great Hetfield growl that easily moves into an Elvis croon. the album kicks off with the great The Mirror And The Ripper which is the continuation of Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood from their last album. The tracks range from boogie heavy rock of 16 Dollars to full on thrash with the riff-fest Evelyn featuring Napalm Death's Barney Greenway. This is another great album from a band that is raising their profile with every release and soon they will be headlining big shows in their own right. This release shows that they have progressed excellently and I for one can't wait for their next release. 8/10

Ecliptica: http://youtu.be/SORvq1w8nPc
Sons Of Seasons: http://youtu.be/hPGrI3BikkU & http://youtu.be/DJPMjBFkRUw
Volbeat: http://youtu.be/tR_-PAWM9es  

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