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Tuesday 7 February 2012

Out Of The Beyond 16

Enforcer: Diamonds & Into The Night

Into The Night

Enforcer are one of the genre leaders in what Metal Hammer have called the NWOTM (New Wave Of True Metal) and with their debut they kick off in style with a distinctly 'old school' sound in the song style right up to the production. These Swedes kick off with speed metal riffage coming from Adam Zaars and helium vocals from singer Olof Wikstrand. Highlights include Black AngelMistress Of The Night and the title track. All the hallmarks of Priest and Maiden are there with the main influences of Accept and Agent Steel being the most prevalent. A great debut album. 8/10


The Swedish trad-metallers second album introduces Joseph Tholl on second lead guitar which gives them the classic 'Double Axe Attack' sound. There is very little variation from their debut other than the quality of the song writing which increased tenfold. tracks like Midnight Vice, High Roller and Live For The Night all being much more accomplished than on their debut with many of them getting more melody and better lyrics moving away from just swords and sorcery. This is better album that puts Enforcer in the premier league of the trad-metal revival. 9/10

Tiles: Fly Paper

Tiles are an American band that sound like a famous Canadian band (And no it's not Nickelback) Tiles have much in common with Rush with their brand of intelligent progressive rock. Vocalist Paul Rarick is a dead ringer both physically and vocally for Dream Theater's James LaBrie, the rest of the band are all virtuosic with Mark Evans' drums favouring Peart's style and guitarist Chris Herin has flowing melodic playing with soaring solo's and bassist Jeff Whittle keeping the pulse and funk in check. The keys are provided by Herin, Matthew Parameter (of Discipline) and long-time Rush artist Hugh Syme (who also designed the cover). The album also features a guest solo from Alex Lifeson on the particularly progressive Sacred & Mundane making the link between the two stronger. This is an intelligent and well performed album from a band that despite being around since 1994 are constantly reinventing themselves with every album and this is their best yet. 8/10

Voodoo Johnson: 10,000 Horses & Black Powder Mother Loader

10,000 Horses

Voodoo Johnson are a rock band from Birmingham with classic and grunge influences taking as much from Zep and Free as they do Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. The band have an album of 11 tracks of hard hitting powerful rock that at times borders on metal, there are stoner, metal and post rock influences. The guitar playing is excellent and Kev Bayliss has a good voice that has an almost Cornell like range. The tracks are well played and written and come from a band that have supported many high-profile names. 7/10

Black Powder Mother Loader

Gone are the high vocals of Bayliss and in is the gruff vocals of Nik Taylor-Stoakes who also affects the way the band perform as this EP is far heavier than their album making them sound more akin to Black Label Society with heavier riffage and Taylor-Stoakes Wylde roar. The five tracks are again of high quality with final track Black Skies Mist featuring the guest guitar of Dimond Head's Brain Tatler yet you wouldn't notice because the standard is so high. I look forward to the full album! 7/10  

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