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Saturday 14 September 2013

Out Of The Beyond 28

So I haven't done one of these for a while but I've managed to pick up three great albums that many of you might have missed. So without further ado...

Morpheus Rising: Let The Sleeper Awake (2011)

Morpheus Rising are a British Rock band, from North Yorkshire, that bring a myriad of influences to the table covering NWOBHM, elements of prog and the post millennial metal of bands like Alter Bridge (most notably on opener Daylight). They have been supporting bands from the British prog circles with The Reasoning, Panic Room, despite this they are not a prog band, yes they have progressive influences but they are more hard rock/heavy metal inclined. After losing their original vocalist the creation of this album stalled until they were joined by Si Wright, who is a perfect fit with his muscular, burly scream that immediately grabs you with its power, range and uniqueness, at certain points he's Biff Byford and at others he's Graham Bonnet. Musically the band have killer dual guitar attack from Damien James Sweeting and Pete Harwood (who is pulling double duty as part of Panic Room) that has Messer's Smith and Murray written all over it, lots of syncopated dual riffage and killer solos that really sizzle from the fret board, they are backed by Paul Gibbons who smashes his kit with aplomb throughout and Mostly Autumn's Liam Smith on bass who does his best Steve Harris impression throughout and shows of his chops on Those Who Watch. The songs are amazing with the heavyweight title track stomping like Godzilla in a marching band, Lord Of The North which half inches the riff from Ozzy's No More Tears, the melodic Shades Of Grey which would be at home on one of last couple of Maiden albums, very progressive with thought provoking lyrics. This album is full of some top notch heavy metal, lots of light and shade, power and progressive prowess. It brings to mind the classics of Maiden and Priest and even Thin Lizzy on Fighting Man but mixes them with the modern influences to make this album an absolute cracker! 9/10

Sebastien: Tears Of White Roses (2010)

Sebastien are a Czech power metal band founded by vocalist/guitarist George Rain, he is aided by a crew of excellent musicians that play the kind of metal that Kamelot are the leaders at times heavy and dark and at others melodic and even romantic, Rain even sounds like Khan vocally. The rhythm keeps everything moving in the pacey numbers, the keys bring the hooks and the guitars shred and solo like mad with rain crooning over the top, however he is rarely alone, there are only three tracks where it is just Rain singing as this album is chock full of A-List power metal guests. First off on the instrument front we have Tore Moren from Jorn providing solo's on the opening track and Masterplan and ex-Helloween man Rowland Grapow ripping faces on Voices In Your Heart. However it’s on the vocal front that they really go for it the bewitching chanteuse Amanda Sommerville provides the duet vocals on Femme Fatale and the final track. Grapow too has the chance to show off his snarl on two tracks however its ex-Riot screamer Mike DiMeo and Rhapsody (Of Fire) crooner Fabio Lione that get the main roles featuring on two tracks each. All the vocals mix together well providing the album with a strong vocal track that is backed by the perfect power metal backing, see the Gothic organ on Dorian, or the epic stomp of Silver Water which has the mighty Apollo Papathanasio contributing his pipes. This is a very strong power metal debut a must for any fans of Kamelot or Serenity, or if you're just a power metal completest like me. 8/10 

Tidal: What Will Remain... (2012)

Tidal play riff heavy classic rock straight from the shores of South Wales!? Yes that's right Tidal bring American style hard rock to the valleys. This is the band’s debut album and it is really something special, its ballsy, funky, rocking and full of groove, the first four tracks give you everything you need with Lost In Thought putting the pedal to the floor early, before groove-laden Caged Bird shows off the incredible rhythm section of Joe Wilkes' powerhouse drumming and Joe Lewis' heavyweight bass riffs which also have the lead on the funky Beautiful UglinessCaged Bird also shows off the bands more progressive touches with an emotive middle section showing off the full light and shade of Adam Vaughn's guitar which soars, weeps and shreds throughout the album providing the horizon reaching instrumental intro Behind Closed Doors which is followed by the almost metallic Can't Turn Away. The band is finished off by the amazing vocals of Adam Payne who has a perfect hard rock voice. The band  have a myriad of styles in parts they are Soundgarden with a grunge like metal roar, in parts Zeppelin with a powerful hard rock delivery and they even have some Zep styles on the softer side like the acoustic Guilt Trip. The album crescendo's perfectly with two amazing tracks in the heavy metal sounding The Tide and Flowers On The Battle Field both of which end the album in very strong style. This is a great debut album full of strong muscular hard rock with a rich bottom end and some superb solos and vocals, well worth checking out if you want some high quality British rawk. 9/10

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