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Tuesday 18 February 2014

The View From The Front Of The Room: Evil Scarecrow

Evil Scarecrow & Ten Cent Toy, Bristol Exchange

So once more along the bridge the merry travellers did go, this time it was for the the mighty Evil Scarecrow who continue to draw us to their presence. After rounding up our posse we did a tour of watering holes to make sure we were properly lubricated cyborgs. Into the Exchange and having missed the first two bands we got in just in time to see Ten Cent Toy who hail from Wales.

Ten Cent Toy

TCT burst onto the stage and immediately bludgeoned the crowd with their LOG style groove metal, playing tracks off their album as well as a new track called Contra (up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,A,B, Start) that still had the heavy, groove style of their earlier stuff. Yes they are not doing anything different but when you can pull a crowd and suitably make them headbang and jump around then I'd say job done. Having seen TCT a fair few times for me they do always seem to sound the same but for anyone discovering them I would say that they would be pleasantly surprised, they are heavy, aggressive and full of vitriol! A good way to open up proceedings but desperately in need of new tracks in my own opinion but for anyone watching them for the first time will have their heads crushed 7/10  

Evil Scarecrow

Gathered in the corner of the room (nowhere to hide and make a grand entrance) the five members of Evil Scarecrow make a motley crew of crazies in their black metal stage gear replete with corpse paint, spikes and chains. The band burst on to the stage and straight into Choose Metal which with Brother Pain, Dr Hell and Kraven Moredeath all providing the riffage, Monty Blitzfist drumming like a demon and Princess Luxury adding the keys and samples that give the band more scope. Before rocking the crowd they proceeded to make them cry with the emo-epic Blacken The Everything which saw the crowd giving their best sobs, then they moved into The Thundercats theme (which your writer ruined the intro of) and then into Morbid Witch which prompted more claws tot he sky. Then the drums signalled to the crowd to raise a claw to the sky for the arrival of Crabulon, seeing a room full of metal heads scuttling is still hilarious and this needs to be a single soon! At the end of the set we were treated to Vampyre Trousers which again had it's intro ruined (not by me) before the band ran off to hide in the corner again. Encore time and first it was the now legendary Robototron with the crowd providing more perfect robot squares during it's chugging breakdown which then moved into the band introductions and Brother Pain's crowd surf (I didn't drop him this time luckily) and then into War And Seek   which with a Arnie like stomp brought the set to an end. Evil Scarecrow again show that they are truly fantastic live and they just need everyone like us to fund their quest for world domination!! 10/10

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