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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Another Point Of View: Kreator (Review By Paul & Nick)

Kreator (December 17th 2014)

Shining & Marty Friedman

Norwegian jazz metal band Shining opened proceedings with a cacophony of noise, their saxophone driven metal was added to by the guitar histrionics of Ex-Megadeth man Marty Friedman, who really didn't add anything to the utter dirge the band were peddling. Not any good at all will be giving them a miss supporting Devin in 2015. 3/10  

Arch Enemy

This was the first opportunity to see the new line up of Arch Enemy following the change in personnel earlier this year when the ferocious Angela Gossow announced she was stepping down. Her replacement, former vocalist of The Agonist, Alissa White-Gluz had already shown her quality on their 2014 release War Eternal and the very recent addition of Nevermore guitar legend Jeff Loomis indicated this could be a tidy show indeed. Arch Enemy hit the stage at full pelt with the title track from War Eternal, with White-Gluz demonstrating that she can deliver vocally in the live arena as strongly as she can in the studio. She has a different style to her predecessor, never standing still, head banging and moving around the stage offering encouragement to the crowd and focusing attention on the excellent work of Loomis and co-guitarist Michael Amott when they were shredding. Ravenous followed, an older tune which got the heads in the audience nodding with approval. After My Apocalypse the band focused on some of the newer material from War Eternal and it was at this point that proceedings experienced a slight dip in energy and momentum. I'm pretty sure that it was the less familiar tracks that slowed the momentum, with Under Black Flags We March and As The Pages Turn generating a slightly less enthusiastic reception despite the enthusiasm of White-Gluz and long standing bassist Sharlee D’Angelo. However, Arch Enemy have several top quality songs in their armoury and the double whammy of We Will Rise and Nemesis ensured that the band finished on a massive high with a huge ovation from the crowd.  A solid if unspectacular set that demonstrated that Arch Enemy have plenty of life left in them yet, although I fear that it will be difficult for them to increase their popularity in the UK. 7/10


After taking in a highly respectable performance from Arch Enemy it was now time for the moment I had been waiting for for many months now… Kreator. Hitting the stage, surprisingly without the backing of the ever trusted and impending sound of The Mars Mantra, Kreator entered with a projection show accompanied by the ever loved Age Of Aquarius backing. Without a second to lose and pleasantries deemed (as usual) not needed, the German gods broke furiously into an opening furore of Violent Revolution, Civilization Collapse and From Flood Into Fire… damn! Each of these opening tracks was delivered with the ferocity and power of a raging bull. Even the usually lighter Flood Into Fire was thrown into our ears with a blazing thump. As fellow Musipeadian Paul suggested during this opening; “they have just f**ked us in both eyes!”…This was the perfect analogy.

The set continued over the next 90 minutes with songs from across Kreator's back catalogue, including fan favourites Enemy Of God, Impossible Brutality, Phantom Antichrist and Hordes Of Chaos. Every single song was delivered with tight heavy pounding drums, precise and screeching guitars that dropped to deep thudding breakdowns with out a moments notice, and bass with a clout that could knock you for six by its self if needed! My personal favourite Voices Of The Dead was soon offered allowing the crowd a brief yet haunting interlude as Miland delivered the lingering opening lines before the ultimate kick of pure German thrash kicked us back in the face with full force resulting in the entire of the beaten crowd lowering their heads again and collectively banging heads and air guitaring with ultimate vigour. The set came to an end with the anthem Endless Pain that saw the crowd open up another wall of death swiftly followed by another giant pit that had opened up numerous times throughout the night. As the German legends left the stage the crowd burst out into a unified chant recalling the band back to the stage to their brilliant cover of the mighty Iron Maiden's Number Of The Beast, that once again had every individual singing on the top of their voices. Miland and Co then slid flawlessly into final tracks including surprisingly old school People Of The Lie and not so surprisingly Flag Of Hate… with the flag of hate in tow, leaving the crowd batter, beaten and bruised, but ultimately… beamingly happy.

Without question Kreator are one of the tightest live acts you will ever have the pleasure to see, they've been around for years and have adapted both on record and live to keep themselves where they are; the top of their game. Mix this with their unrelenting utterly heavy thrash that is capable of breaking both hearing and limb, and you've got a live show that will never get boring. 10/10

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