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Wednesday 7 January 2015

Reviews: Incursed, Celtic Legacy, Dissorted (Reviews By Stief)

Incursed: Elderslied (Self Released)

The opening instrumental track, Song Of The Ancient transports you to a fantasy realm and sets you up for this movie-like album – the second by Spain's Incursed – which then breaks into Heart Of Yggdrasil, a heavy folk tune that gives many moments to bang your head to or jig to your hearts content. As mentioned before, the album feels almost movie-like with each song feeling like a different scene, from the instrumental introduction to the galloping riffs and drums of The Wild Hunt. Another song, aptly named Beer Bloodbath makes it feel as if you're in the tavern with the band, singing along and drinking. Jötnar places you right among the fabled giants of Norse mythology with its eerie chanting, chugging riffs and heavy bass. The music is solid and easy to listen to, Narot Santos and Jon Koldo Tera playing off each others voices whilst providing rhythm and Keyboards respectively. They are supported by Asier Amo's brutal drumming with Juan Sampredo providing bass and Aiser Fernàndez giving out the riffs.  Incursed are not afraid to use their native language, as is shown in Suaren Lurraldea (The Land Of The Fire) which is one of the folkiest songs on the album, almost bordering on power metal in places. As with every movie, there's an epic battle and this comes in the form of One In A Million, a ten minute song which ranges from Folk metal to fast solos to the spoken word, putting one in mind of Rhapsody of Fire in places, to brutal growls and heavy drumming and all the way back to folk again. The band close the album with Promise Of Hope which, for those patient enough to wait through two minutes of silence, has a heavy cover of the Game Of Thrones theme as a bonus (which can be found separately on the EP of Beer Bloodbath). Overall a great and varied album. 9/10

Celtic Legacy: The Lie Of The Land (Eternal Legacy Records)

The fourth album, and the first in five years from the newly reformed Celtic Legacy, The Lie Of The Land starts with an eerie instrumental track before breaking into heavy folk tunes. The title track sounds very Maiden-esque, with galloping bass and rocking guitars, but with folk elements thrown in to make a great sound. The third track Emerald Eye, has a slower pace, yet still retains the steady folk beat, with some excellent solos from Dave Morrissey. Ciaràn Ennis' voice reminiscent of Mr Dickinson's in places, albeit with an Irish lilt. The Body And The Blood is the album's 'main track' so to speak, sitting at an impressive 11 minutes, starting off with a folky theme, before calming down and letting Morrissey show his skills on bass, keyboard and guitars before picking up the pace again and breaking into some great heavy metal riffing. The rest of the album follows the heavy metal/folk fusion, Reckless Abandon being one of the more folkier (It's a word now- Stamped & Official Matt) songs, with plenty of areas to start jigging to, Irish elements scattered throughout the song. Album closer Journey's End is also an outlier, being more of a ballad with two excellent solos from Morrisey, Ennis' voice soulful and almost lamenting. A good mix of heavier and lighter stuff, here's hoping the band continue with this sort of sound. 8/10

Dissorted: I (EP) (Self Released)

The first release from Germany's Dissorted, this EP is a great indication of what's to come from this band. Opening with the brutal Bloodshed Divine, the band don't let up, keeping the brutality coming all the way through. Mirco's angry vocals ranging from clean to growls and screams are supported by the melodic yet ruthless riffs of Sebastian and Flo, Martin's fast and heavy drumming and Dillon's chugging Bass. Every song is savage, The Somnabulist bringing in a brilliant riff and breakdown halfway through. Very much looking forward to a full release from the band, especially if they keep up this level of thrash. 8/10

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