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Wednesday 16 September 2015

Reviews: Stoned Jesus (Guest Review By Elle)

Stoned Jesus: The Harvest (InshaMuzyka)

Stoner/Doom Metal trio Stoned Jesus from Kyiv, Ukraine return with their 3rd full length album The Harvest. Stoned Jesus, formed in 2009, consist of three gloomy looking men who are passionate about themes of love and occultism. Igor, on vocals and lead guitar, Sid, on bass guitar and backing vocals and Viktor, on drums and percussion, make one talented bunch. Their talent doesn't come as a surprise as the band cite some of the greatest bands on the planet such as, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Opeth and Mastodon as their influences. Stoned Jesus have enough material to keep their audience entertained but thirsty for more as apart from their 3 full length albums, they also have a couple of demos, a compilation and an EP up their sleeves.

Consisting of 6 songs, The Harvest is an interesting combination of funky, fast-paced tracks and slower, darker tunes with doomy riffs. Here Come The Robots is an explosive start to the album with a catchy one-liner chorus and the opening lyrics of ‘Jesus Christ!’ definitely caught my attention. Following on, is another rocker, Wound that gets you dancing around your living room and singing at the top of your lungs. This track centres around the aftermath of love and the recovery from betrayal and broken hearts through music. It is a song that we can all relate too and with its infectious tune it had me thinking that maybe not all hope for love is gone. The album soon enough changes its tempo to a sludgy, longer number, Rituals Of The Sun. I am personally quite fussy with bands’ vocals, but Igor’s voice is outstanding throughout, ranging between powerful melodies and raspy cries of despair. This track is by far my favourite on the album and it had me hypnotised from the first riff.

Get your necks ready because next up is a headbanging burst of monstrous stoner riffs, YFS (Youth For Sale). The song has a cheeky and almost rebellious side to it with lyrics such as, ‘I'm not buying this shit!’ and psychedelic soloing towards the end. Number 5 on the album is Silkworm Confessions, just over 9 minutes of pure ecstasy for the ears. The band takes you on a wicked journey with their trippy lyrics of getting really high, flying with angels and kissing the gods above. Throughout the whole track we are blessed with magnificent riffs, big enough to bring down Big Ben and to finish off, an anthemic chorus that touches your very soul. Last but not least is the whopping, 15 minute long, incredible Black Church. The track starts off slowly as if luring the listener in, but steadily picks up speed and hits you with rhythmic riffs and powerful drums. As soon as Igor opens his mouth he puts you under a spell taking your mind with him. With its comforting repetitiveness, the song opens up a door to a new dimension where no material things exist. The tune’s trancy nature relaxes you, engulfing you in its almighty riffs and canorous vocals.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the whole album not only once or twice and it got better with each listen. Stoned Jesus resemble the hazy stoner notes of Clutch and Monster Magnet, but add their own unique twist throughout The Harvest. Every song on the album has its own special sound to it enough to give you an eargasm. Stoned Jesus never let their fans wait for too long before delivering another dose of their high quality sludge. Just prior to completing my review, the band released a new song, The Harvest, which was one of the first songs completed for the album but didn't make the final cut. According to the lead singer, Igor, the track differs sonically from the style on the rest of the album, but retains its significance and so was released separately. That’s fine, I’ll just have it as a little bonus, as extra icing on my cake. Here’s hoping for a UK tour. 8/10

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