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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Reviews: Hate, Vandroya, Gurt (Reviews By Rich)

Hate: Tremendum (Napalm Records)

Hate are a long running Polish death metal band who formed back in 1990. They are a band I know about but am not too familiar with so with the release of their tenth album Tremendum it was my first proper exposure to the band having only previously heard odd songs here and there. On Tremendum Hate play a mix of death metal and black metal perfectly mixing brutality with atmosphere and with a nice mix of songs that range from blast beat riddled assault of Indestructible Pillar and Fidelis Ad Mortem to slower brooding numbers such as Svarog's Mountain and Numinosum

Frontman and guitarist Adam Buszko puts in a stellar performance with throat ripping vocals and some very tasty lead guitar work whilst drummer Pavulon puts in a tight and furious performance. With Tremendum being the first entire Hate album I have listened to the band have certainly impressed me and I shall be busy catching up on the bands extensive back catalogue. A fantastic album that combines the best elements of death and black metal in well crafted and memorable package. 8/10

Vandroya: Beyond The Human Mind (InnerWound Recordings)

Brazilian power metallers Vandroya return with their second album Beyond The Human Mind. This was the first time I had heard anything by Vandroya and as it turns out it was a very pleasant listening experience. Vandroya play a style of power metal in the vein of classic bands such as Helloween but also add in progressive influences in the style of Symphony X and fellow Brazilians Angra. The songs on Beyond The Human Mind are generally fast paced with plenty of melody and hooks especially evident in songs such as The Path To The Endless Fall and I'm Alive.

There are also a couple of ballads (one of which works, one of which doesn't) whilst the progressive elements come to the fore in the lengthy title track. Their sound is ably assisted by the immensely powerful vocals of frontwoman DaĆ­sa Munhoz and the fretboard wizardry of guitarists Marco Lambert and Rodolfo Pagotto. Beyond The Human Mind is a fantastic power metal album which combines all the best elements from the classics of the genre with elements from the more progressive end. If you are a fan of power metal or melodic metal in general this album is highly recommended. 8/10

Gurt: Skullossus (When Planets Collide)

Sometimes as a fan of heavy music you just want to be hit face first by a barrage of riffage. Gurt are the band for the job especially with their third album Skullossus out now on When Planets Collide. Gurt play absolutely filthy riff drenched sludge metal mixing in elements from doom metal, hardcore punk, classic rock and extreme metal. The music throughout the album is dense, malicious and should come with some sort of warning sticker but there's a tongue in cheek/sense of humour approach also running throughout the songs.

The album is also nicely varied with stomping crushing riff barrages such as Battlepants, Double Barrelled Shot-Pun and Meowing At The Fridge to the short sharp hardcore fury of Broken Heart Heroin Man and the funky jam of Existence Is Pain which sounds a lot like Primus. This isn't a groundbreaking album by any means but if you are after something to crank up with some friends and a shedload of beers on a weekend then Skullossus will do the job admirably. An unessential but immeasurably fun album. 8/10

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