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Thursday 20 July 2017

Reviews: Kabbalah, River Black, Impure Wilhemina (Reviews By Paul)

Kabbalah: Spectral Ascent (Twin Earth Records)

Spanish trio Kabbalah play retro occult rock. It’s an unmistakable sound, one which will either get you excited or pass you by. Sabbath style doom laden riffs, harmonies a plenty and an underlying current of evil, it’s all here. The band make a sound much larger than their number. Check out the show stopping The Reverend with its unmistakable fuzzy guitar sound, or the White Stripes stomp of The Darkness Of Time, both rather splendid in their 70s sound, and both supernaturally different. It’s the haunting Dark Revelation which steals the plaudits for me, slightly longer with several changes of tempo, it undulates and manoeuvres through a sinister path, reeking of malevolence. Reminiscent of many occult bands doing the rounds, Kabbalah are closer to Lucifer, Orchid and Witch Mountain than the more commercially accessible Ghost. Atmospheric, ominous and full of character, Spectral Ascent is a worthy release. 8/10

River Black: Self-Titled (Seasons Of Mist)

Coming at you hard and heavy from the East Coast of the USA, River Black is a punishingly aggressive metal/hardcore outfit comprising stalwarts of the scene Mike Oldener, Dave Witte, Brett Bamberger and John Adubato. It’s terrifying in parts, Oldener’s visceral delivery intense and brutal. Huge sledgehammer riffs courtesy of Adubato and machine gun intensity drumming from Witte combine to deliver the aural assault that you probably didn’t need but are sure as fuck going to get. Most of the tracks are short, to the point and bristling with anger. South X South, the stomping Move and the mighty album closer Everywhere are all bruisers with additional forearm smash. The pits for this mob would be substantial, frightening and far too extreme for an old man like me. Still, if it floats your boat, it’s rather tasty. 8/10

Impure Wilhelmina: Radiation (Seasons Of Mist)

Another day, another band who have been around for years ploughing their artistic pathway. In the case of Geneva based Impure Wilhelmina, that’s over 20 years. Radiation is their latest release, the sixth album in their catalogue. The band is led by Michael Schindl, vocalist, guitarist and main composer and lyricist. The band specialises in a more eclectic emotional brand of hard rock, tipping across the line to a more metal approach on occasion. This release is no different with a myriad of sounds from The Smiths to Anathema all buried in the mix. Every track is a complex animal, with multiple layers and complex arrangements. Shcindl’s melancholic vocals wring with emotion. It’s a soul-searching album, intelligent and clever. If you like alt-rock with a harder edge, it is certainly worth investing the time. 7/10

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