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Wednesday 7 February 2018

The Spotlight: Interview With Michale Graves (Interview By Elizabeth Phillips)

Interview with Michale Graves, Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff

Our friend Liz got to do an interview with her teenage idol Michale Graves at Fuel Rock Club just before his first sold out gig at the venue.

MG: You'll have to speak up a little as I'm getting old and my hearing really is not the best.

MoM: Weren't you like 19 when you joined the Misfits?

MG: I was essentially 20, I auditioned for them on the eve of my 20th Birthday.

MoM: Pretty good way to end your teens, the reason why I'm doing this is because your voice is the soundtrack to my teenage years. So it's incredible for me to be sitting here.

MG: I hear that alot and it's very impactful even now, I remember my teenage years and I remeber how music and things like that got me through and how important it was

MoM: When i would listen to it I would feel a protection around me, Scream especially reminds me of my final day in high school.You were saying about emotion and the one thing I've noticed is that a lot of your work is very emotional very romantic does that inspire you? Are you a hopeless romantic?

MG: Yeah I am a hopeless romantic, which is both good and bad for me

MoM: Do you ever get writers block?

MG: I think so yeah, I get writers block when, if you'll forgive me, my flesh wants to write but my soul doens't have anything so my brain just tells me I can't write anymore, so I need to mesh to get that out, soemtimes you just have to wait for creativity to strike

MoM: I know that you've worked with Marky Ramone and Peter Steele, who's the most interesting person or the person you've learnt the most from?

MG: Dave Mustaine alkways come to mind, he was at an interesting part of his life and career and so was and I was a young man, when Dave and I were able to hang out we would have these conversations that really revealed things that had an increible impact on my young mind and where I was at that age, he was like a Yoda figure, the way he acted with other people was different to the way he acted with other people which made me feel special.

MoMs: Are you working on and album at the moment?

MG: No, no I'm not, I've written so much that I think it's time I focus on performing, their are songs I've forgotten I've written and I don't get really concentrate on them until I feel I need to. In a way I am working on new material and when I'm back as myself at home all of these experiences will resonate and I'll create through that.

MoM: Have you seen much of Wales?

MG: No we haven't seen anyhting yet, but we are hoping to when we come back at the end of the week to see some stuff

MoM: Well when you come back I'll take you up to Castell Coch which is like a castle in the woods on a hill

MG: That's great I love it, that would be really great, thank you.

MoM: Final question is a strange one as we're from Wales and there are more sheep than people what is your favourite sheep?

MG: The Llanwenog sheep I like the three of them together

MoM: Thank you very much for your time

MG: No problem at all, that was  great conversation, thanks

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