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Sunday, 23 September 2018

A View From The Back Of The Room: Necrot, Shallow Graves, They Live We Sleep, Void Titan

Necrot, Shallow Graves, They Live We Sleep, Void Titan, Fuel Rock Club

So this was a pretty mixed group of styles from those folks from Eradication Festival. The original opening band was supposed to be Pupil Slicer however they were not able to make the show so it was Bristol doom crew Void Titan (7) who opened the evening with some lumbering heavy doom with lyrics inspired by the Warhammer universe, playing about 4 songs one of which was the first half of a 20 minute track!

The young band were very accomplished musicians and there music was heavy as all hell. It was a low turnout unfortunately (wet Wednesday's in Cardiff a week before freshers can be like that) but for those in attendance we were already getting our ears abused by the heaviest band on the bill. Void Titan will be supporting Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard in Bristol at the end of the month and there they will fit right in to the sonic discord.

Next to up to bat were South Wales act They Live We Sleep (7) who played an aggressive, frenzied style of hardcore, crust, grind which had the crowd getting involved due to the frontman getting in the thick of it while the band riffed like fuck on the stage. Bringing to mind Converge, Nails and All Pigs Must Die they were uncompromising with their live style the only issue for me was their excessive use of feedback which really affected my tinnitus so I retreated outside (getting old) but outside of that they really took the crowd by the scruff of the neck after the deliberately slow start.

Bringing the biggest crowd of the night was Shallow Graves (6) who are a Cardiff based hardcore outfit, hardcore is a genre I've never really warmed too but as the performance area of Fuel filled up I did start to question whether I'm wrong. Shallow Graves play your typical style of breakdown heavy hardcore with breakdowns moving into breakdowns causing pits to open. A great band (especially the drumming) but I'll never be a fan of the style.

Finally the band I was there to see, Californian trio Necrot (8) they're marketed as death metal crossed with punk but I'd say there was less punk and more proto-thrash, covered in studs and bullet belts Luca Indrio, Sonny Reinhardt and Chad Gailey have been touring the UK demolishing stages. With a reasonably small but dedicated crowd still there the pits started again this time old school thrash pits. It's the sort of early thrash Venom invented and Slayer perfected with songs about death and horror such as Blood Offerings, The Blade and Rather Be Dead, Chad Gailey beat seven shades out of his kit as Sonny Reinhardt plays vicious riffs. Their set flew by in a frenzy Luca barking down the mic while keeping up with the blasting drumming. I'd expect better from the South Wales metal scene (still a long way to go) but for anyone that missed this show, you missed a variety of South Wales/South West's most interestign acts along with some good old American death metal.         

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