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Sunday 28 October 2018

A View From The Back Of The Room: Cybernetic Witch Cult, Lacertilia & Ritual King

Cybernetic Witch Cult, Lacertilia & Ritual King, Le Pub, Newport

As you've probably seen we love a bit of groove here at MoM Towers, so a chance to see three of the UK's grooviest mothers wasn't one we were going to pass up. Yet another gig in Newport's public art space/bar/cafe Le Pub (Paul H has already waxed lyrical in the Vodun review) the D.I.Y stoner, psych vibe of the evening was really helped by this creative menagerie that surrounded it (and the smell of vegan pizza really got me hungry for some meat-free food).

First up were Manchester trio Ritual King (8) who are a heady mix of classic Southern blues and progressive stoner rock. The rhythmic vibes of Dan Godwin (bass) and Gareth Hodges (drums) meant that the mostly instrumental numbers swung with a voodoo groove that allowed Jordan Leppitt let loose with some cosmic guitar playing that was part Josh Homme (Kyuss years) and part Howlin' Wolf. Leppitt is also the bands vocalist used sparingly his reverbed singing adding that extra bit of mysticism. Flying through their set it was a great bit of fuzz driven stoner rock from Ritual King to get the groove juices going.

Next it was a favourite here at the MoM we've seen Welsh shamans Lacertilia (8) probably as much as we've seen Agrona and Democratus/anything Steve Jenkins is in. They've had a pretty turbulent year replacing their engine room wholesale, joining Matt, Mike and Lucas are Tides Of Sulfur kit destroyer Tom Lee and low end merchant Ed Hughes, having had their honeymoon with the band they added a freshness to Lacertilia's sound, the riffs were louder, maybe due to Tom's extreme metal background, and the songs more heavy than before. Matt is still a great frontman with his humorous ad-libs between the tracks and shouting down the mic during the set made up of older and newer tracks, always unpredictable and on fire it was great to see Lacertilia again having missed a few of their more recent shows and hopefully we'll see more of them in 2019.

After a bit of refreshment it was time for the final band of the night the audio-visual psychedelic stoner experience of Cornwall three-piece Cybernetic Witch Cult (8) Alex, Doug, Lewis employ a unique gimmick to their hook-laden fuzzed up stoner metal by pairing it with B-Movies and swirling visuals inspired by the likes of John Carpenter, Sam Raimi and other old-school Sci-fi/Horror masters. The video draws your attention but it's the glorious noise that keeps you in the room, once described as Hawkwind meets Monster Magnet it's a trippy, blissful heaviness which assaults two orifices they were the best way to round out this groove-driven riff-fest! 

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