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Sunday 31 March 2019

Reviews: Warpit, Bleed Someone Dry, Good Tiger, Wraithborn (Liam)

Warpit: Reborn EP (Self Released)

Some melodic death metal from Canada, and this just destroys the stereotype that Canadians are just all about hockey, maple syrup and saying ‘Sorey’. This EP, only 20 minutes long, just blew me away. With the technicality from both guitarists to the fantastic drumming by Samuel Voyer and the crushing vocals of Gonzalo Zunino. Opener Bleeding From Truth is my personal favorite, but the entire EP is just full of death metal destruction. Beautiful, and if there’s anything to take away from this EP, it’s to make sure you apologize to your neighbors about blasting it. Sorry about that one again guy’s, my bad. 8/10

Bleed Someone Dry: Unorthodox (Wormholedeath Records)

This is a classic deathcore album. From start to finish I was instantly hooked. I’m not usually a big deathcore lover, but this just struck a note with me. I love the heaviness they hit here and it just syncs together so well to create this fantastic album. I really can’t pick a song which is my favorite, because if I was to listen to this album, it would be from start to finish, no breaks, just pure deathcore, heavy. The strongest point of the album is the putrid vocals provided by Alessio Bruni that just brings it altogether. Italy has some wonderful exports, but this band certainly beats the heck out of pizza. Well done boys. 9/10

Good Tiger: Redux (Remix) (Metal Blade Records)

This is one I really didn’t want to review. I didn’t enjoy this at all, it was a horrendous experience for me because I hate it when bands remix their songs. It always comes out sounding like a toaster in a woodchipper. An interesting concept but when it comes to the crunch you want out immediately. It got to the point where I disliked it that much that it made me quite annoyed. So yeah, not for me. At all. 0/10

Wraithborn: The Testament Of The Infernal (Ebon Vale Productions)

I'm just going to say this straight up. This was a brilliant album. More along the lines of black metal but it's got some influences from death/metalcore. And it nails it all flawlessly. The entire album just blends together so good at points I even forgot that I put on a full album. You can feel the relentless energy put into this record and it makes it all the more fantastic. Personal favorite Heart Feast is a classic. Some good black/death metal here. Definitely deserve a support slot for a band like Behemoth. It'll go down a storm. 7/10

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