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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Reviews: While She Sleeps, Truth Corroded, Forged In Black, Atlas Pain (Liam)

While She Sleeps: So What? (Spinefarm Records)

This is an album I've been looking forward to since the release of the first single, and it did not disappoint. Starting off with the first single Anti-Social, this album goes head fist to show you what the boys have been doing since the release of their previous album You Are We. Full of hooks and singalong and air-drumming moments this is a strong start from the Sheffield based metalcore quintet. I’ve Seen It All start with head bobbing drums and some funky finger work on the guitar. A more serious sounding song with some heartfelt lyrics about the state of the current world all blended together to make an infectious sounding song that’ll make even the most elitist metalhead bob their head in enjoyment.

Three songs in and we’re hearing more of Sean Longs wonderful clean vocals mixed with the guttural screams of Loz Taylor creating a magnificent song on Inspire. The blend of both vocals really makes this album hit hard. Title track So What? Is a bit more melodic but still retains that signature While She Sleeps sound throughout. The Guilty Party is a singalong and pit party made for big crowds providing both a melodic chorus and a blistering start. Haunt Me & Elephant join together perfectly with the pure heaviness & melodic make the two songs sound so beautiful played back to back. The last four songs of the album are nothing to really brag about. They're not bad, but they’re not brilliant. Still, a belter of an alum from the metalcore boys. 8/10

Truth Corroded: Bloodlands (Unique Leader Records)

Some thrash/death metal from Australia, and it’s f*cking heavy. Starting their 6th studio album off in good fashion, To The Carnal Earth is pure death metal at its finest with enough solos and riffs to make you want to quit playing the guitar before you’ve started. The Leeches Feed is pushing toward the line of thrash, but it’s still death metal venom-filled onslaught of brutality with a riff so good you’ll be humming it the rest of the day. Conquest Of Divide is a slower song, but doesn’t mean it isn’t as heavy as the others. This just proves the band can make death metal sound heavy in any form. Victims Left Lepers and The Storm are two powerful metal anthems designed to snap your f*cking neck and test your headbanging stamina. 

They’re just non-stop brutal riffs coming at you like a freight train. Title track Bloodlands is a small thirty second interlude with a unique style for a death metal band, but when Of Open Eyes And Willing Hands kicks in it blows your dick off with an unrelenting barrage of blast beats and gutturals to make you gurn with delight. The End Of He Who Reigns and I Once Breathed are the perfect songs to end this album with searing riffs and guitar work blended perfectly with the drums and vocals. It’s going to be one of the contenders for best death metal album out there. These guys on the rise and can’t be stopped. 8/10

Forged In Black: Descent Of The Serpent (Fighter Records)

I loved this album more than I care to admit. The mix of power metal combined with elements of thrash is right up my alley. This album is beautifully done front to back. With the mixture of Chris Storozynski’s vocals, reminiscent of Blind Guardian, to the duel guitar work and down to sticksman Kevin Rochester. All of this makes the perfect power/thrash album of the year so far. There are plenty moments in this album that stick out, such as One In The Chamber with its catchy chorus and small breakdown within the song that sounds familiarly like Pantera’s Domination. Nice touch there. I would pick a favorite song but I really can’t myself. They all go together so well that you can feel the emotion and energy put into each song, with plenty of singalong & headbanging moments that will leave you repeating this album for days. I would recommend this album to anyone who is skeptical about getting into heavy metal as it has everything you need to start off. Perfection. 10/10

Atlas Pain: Tales Of A Pathfinder (Scarlet Records)

This one was a difficult one for me as I don’t really think much about concept albums, but this one is different. With intro The Coldest Year giving hints to the story is was on the line of what to expect. Then The Moving Empire kicks in. A mixture of folk/symphonic metal and thrash. The vocals are like old school Children Of Bodom (Hatebreeder era). Weirdly enough, it all goes together pretty f*cking well. The music compliments the vocals and vice versa. The tale of the album itself is set in 1899 London giving you the story to come. The rest then is completely up to you to decide. My interpretation may be different to yours. Only being their second studio album, the Italian metallers have brought their all on this record. But have they peaked to soon? Only time will tell. Until then, enjoy this banger of an album. 8/10

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