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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Reviews: Qantice, Fatal Curse, Kaato, Dead By Wednesday (Pascal & Liam)

Qantice: The Anastoria (Pride & Joy Music) [Pascal]

As soon as I put on this album it was Without A Hero was the most unexpected thing I have listened to in a while. It is everything you should expect from a prog, symphonic, epic and sci fi metal band. Bizarrely my second thought was that I was listening to a metal version of Barry Manilow (I kid you not). It took me a while to kick this thought out of my mind but once I understood the band was composed of fellow Frenchmen, I managed to fully concentrate on the review of the album. You cannot question the virtuosity or versatility of this band. It’s hard to describe if it's kitsch or innovative in terms of music but their epic tunes including contributions such as Opera Tenor Riccardo Cecchi will blow your mind away. Krooner would be perfect in a metal West End production while Littler Knights Oath would easily fit in the motion picture soundtrack of a futuristic western. Those guys really have their own universe and dwell into all the options they have to push the boundaries of their imagination. For many reasons I should not like this but I do... Qantice I salute you. 7/10

Fatal Curse: Breaking The Trance (Shadow Kingdom Records) [Liam]

Some NWOBHM form New York going for the more traditional Heavy Metal style. The album production makes it sound raw and, in your face, almost as it’s a live album. The whole album feels like the offspring of both Diamond Head and Angel Witch with the same vocal style and riff mastery just being woven into each song. From the shrieking vocals of Mike Bowen to the frantic finger work of guitarist Dave Gruver, the record is an old-school thrash sounding record and sets the pace as soon as the record kicks in, and doesn’t give up there. There are great riffs and great solos to be found here. The only issue I really have is with the vocals. They’re sometimes out of time with the songs and just feel forced on the song making sound like it was a rushed effort by the band. Personally, the album doesn’t do anything for me. But if you’re looking to relive the old early days of heavy metal, then this band is just for you. 6/10

Kaato: Slam! (Self Release) [Pascal]

I quite like the cover of this 7 tracks album/EP, it reminds me of Asia (the band). The music on the other hand reminds me of Aerosmith who would have swallowed a full box of Vitamin C (among a few other things). Yes ladies and gentlemen we are in the good old rock’n’roll territory. This classic rock Australian outfit led primarily by Mika and Kurt Flew the lead singer know all the tricks in the business and it seems it has served them well to date particularly in Japan where they have a very decent following. They claim to whoever wants to listen to them that they play fast, loud and rude. Glamour Queen, Somebody, Someday or Communication will not contradict them and even the bluesy and tense In Passing add to the sensation that while there is nothing new in adding a piano to a tune it’s well crafted and honestly delivered. It's good while not mind blowing a good division 2 band I would say with no other pretension than playing good music. That said I feel their previous full length was probably more adventurous in terms of songwriting. 6/10

Dead By Wednesday: Dead By Wednesday (EMP Label Group) [Liam]

Although being labeled as Nu-Metal, it really isn’t. It’s hard hitting Heavy Metal. Sort of like Bad Wolves meets Hatebreed, which sounds absolutely terrible, but works as a perfect combination with the vocals complimenting the hard-hitting sound. The record is full of riffs and singalong moments, a little bit for everyone, with the chorus for Smelling Salts getting stuck in my head for day’s. Considering it’s the bands 6th studio album, they still sound fresh and evolving with the current state of metal and doing it very well might I add. Darwin’s Dance Pt 1 & Pt 2 are my favorite point on the album. Giving you the finger work of guitarist Dave Sharpe to the furious sticks-manship of Opus. The record is a bit of fresh air to the modern-day state of metal, and they look to be a force to be reckoned with. 7/10

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