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Tuesday 27 August 2019

Reviews: Domination Inc, Vitja, The Cosmic Trip Advisors, Damnation Defaced (Matt & Liam)

Domination Inc: Memoir 414 (SPV) [Matt Bladen]

Domination Inc are a thrash band originally from Athens Greece and originally called Domination. They are now based in the UK and they play aggressive, hard hitting thrash metal, that has seen them share the stage with Sakis Tsolis of Rotting Christ, played Europe tours and supported some big level bands all while still in their late teens/early twenties. Since their debut (Mostly Greek only) release they have been picked up by SPV and this is their first album on the noted heavy metal label. It's probably this that has elevated their sound above that on their debut, this is a more nuanced thrash assault from Domination Inc, it's still got blistering speed metal of course but tracks such as the almost prog/thrash of Day VIII Deus`Ignorance has big grooves that Machine Head rely so heavily on, think The Blackening

Memoir 414 is buoyed by the thick production of Fotis Bernardo (SiXforNinE) giving these songs guts without losing any of the ferocity on numbers such as The Sickening which is all double kicks and shredding riffs, but also adding the gravitas to numbers like the moody fury of Dark City which has some Gojira styled groove and fret slides. The bands that hold sway over Domination Inc's listening habits are clear to hear on this record and it makes for a very rewarding album as they take you some of the best thrash has to offer throwing in some groove, classic metal and hardcore undertones as well. A major audio leap from these UK based Greeks and an album that could be one of the sleeper thrash releases of the year. 8/10

Vitja: Thirst (Arising Empire) [Liam True]

This is a strange album. The album is Metalcore, but not at the same time. On times it’s a mixture of Hard Rock, Post Hardcore & Pop Punk either on different tracks or multiple times on the same songs. It’s mildly frustrating but also pleasing in a very weird messed up way. Don’t get me wrong, the album is great and I'm happy to see such experimentation happening. It’s just not has consistent as I'd like. The heaviest song on the album Silver Lining is where the rest if the album needs to be headed. And with a guest feature from Breakdown Of Sanity frontman Carlo Knöpfel it’s just a sublime piece if Metalcore madness. I just with the rest of the album was done in that way. It’s a big shame because this band has some serious talent. They just need some work and they’ll be in the big leagues. 7/10

The Cosmic Trip Advisors: Wrong Again, Albert (Self Released) [Matt Bladen]

There have been a few rock n soul bands around recently, they are always bands with slinky blues riff, bubbling organs and smoky vocals that take their cues from Big Brother And The Holding Company with the blues rock sound. The Cosmic Trip Advisors are the newest such band and yet again it's soulful groovy rock music with it's roots in the 60's American sound dueling guitars and organ a funky rhythm section and the gritty vocals of their frontwoman. From the psychy Oh My My My to the sorrowful Lonely Since I Met You it's a an album full of great rock n soul music, yes the lyrics are a little cliche and the musical style has been done numerous times but this album is fun and most importantly authentic with the country Such Is Life really hitting home lyrically, Ledz Boogie reminds you of Zep, while Tongue Tied steals the riff from Shut Up And Dance by Aerosmith wholesale. Wrong Again, Albert is a groovy album from these Scottish bluesers that plonks you right in the late 60's. 7/10

Damnation Defaced: The Devourer (Apostasy Records) [Liam True]

Aggressive. In your face. Pushing the boundaries of what is considered Death Metal and Deathcore. This is what a Death Metal album should sound like. From beginning to end it just showcases the brutality that the genre and dish out at it’s peak. Lead by the putrid snarls of frontman Phillip Bishoff the band demonstrate how to perfectly initiate a Death Metal album and make it hit high. Through the record itself you’ll notice a few things, the main point being a small electronicore element on a couple of songs, making them heavier and more intense in the process. It’s hard to distinguish Deathcore & Death Metal at the moment, but The Devourer does a good job of dancing on the fine line and pulling out a Death Metal classic for the ages. 8/10

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