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Wednesday 11 September 2019

A View From The Back Of The Room: Sodomized Cadaver (Live Review By Matt Bladen)

Sodomized Cadaver, Democratus and Sepulchre, Fuel Rock Club

As Mr and Mrs H went minutes from their house for some big stomping heavy rock, I went minutes from my house to the more familiar surroundings of Fuel Rock Club to get a second viewing of those Sodomy spreading boyos who were playing a headline date, in Cardiff's only rock and metal club, fresh from supporting Indian metal pioneers Demonic Resurrection, reviewed by Paul earlier this week. With that performance a tad shambolic, I was hoping that in a headline position they would unleash that extreme metal mayhem that we know they can do.

With work and food in the way, unfortunately Misanthropia and Cerebral Atrophy were missed however we managed to make it in time for Swansea thrash/death act Sepulchre (8) who shot through their setlist in with their normal aplomb. led by Darren's gnarly vocals his and Dan's guitar prowess, as Jimmy and Aimee lay down the solid foundation that has become their trademark. A band who are always on form Sepulchre mixed new and older numbers keeping Move Or Die and Jolly Jane in the set as per, the pits started in earnest with Darren calling for a wall of death early which kicked off all the action for the rest of the night. It's always a pleasure to watch Sepulchre who not only maintain a high level of professionalism on every viewing but also consistently entertain.

Next up it was a bittersweet moment for a lot of us in the crowd as for the last time Democratus (8) took to the stage for the final time with long time lead guitarist Kerrin in tow. This was to be the slimline six stringers final show with Democratus, with Rich Rees taking over from him. He was an integral part of the band during their M2TM 2018 campaign (which of course they won) and featured/mixed recorded their debut EP. However outside factors have come into play and Democratus are gaining more and more steam so there was little chance of Kerrin's departure derailing the metal juggernaut. As usual led by the bellowing voice of Steve, Kerrin and Joey locked into riffs for the final time with Spoon and Zakk the blistering rhythm section. A set featuring all of the their live staples Democratus were as usual playing like their lives depended on it though, the professionalism slipped once or twice due to the emotional nature of the set. As it drew to a close Kerrin was presented with a Pop Vinyl of Bob Ross (he does resemble the painting guru) and it was Life For A Life that closed the show as usual. The band will go on to bigger and better things from here, but Kerrin has left his mark on the bands history.

So next up and with no fanfare of any kind (except a cheer from the masses) Sodomized Cadaver (8) opened up some wounds with their gnarly death metal assault. Now a three piece again Ryan and Charlie share the grunts and screams as they rip out technical playing on guitar and bass respectively, Gavin meanwhile abused the Fuel drumkit (his was still with Demonic Resurrection) as they caused mayhem with tracks such as Bestiality Killed The Cat and the always warmly welcomed Raped By Ebola a song they played twice, so they invited members of the audience on stage to play and sing along with this happy ditty! Ryan seemed a lot more comfortable in Fuel than on the previous evening ripping away at his guitar while grunting down the mic, Gavin meanwhile always has a serious look of concentration on his face while playing, trying to keep this madness together, it's left to Charlie to bring some animation to the stage as he wanders up and down his bass, like a maniac jazz player. Still chaotic yes but as I said much more focussed, back on home turf Sodomized Cadaver return as conquers on a very boozy Friday night.

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