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Saturday 23 November 2019

A View from The Back Of The Room: Veil Of Maya (Live Review By Tom Bladen)

Veil Of Maya, Y Plas, Cardiff

The last time I'd seen Veil Of Maya (8) a technical issue meant that the last few songs (which are usually the most recognised) were played with just the rhythm section and vocals as the guitars cut out completely. As they are one of my favourite bands myself and my mate made our way to the Cardiff university's smaller venue where they were supporting metalcore band Attila. We had missed the support act due to outside issues but we arrived just before the band we wanted to see. Now the more hardcore influence style of Attila isn't something I particularly enjoy so I was there purely for Veil and they made the trip worth it by playing a very tight set of their top level brand of technical metalcore opening the night with 20/200 and Whistelblower they got the crowd moshing like hell from the first thicc riffs of Marc Okubo, his playing was fluid throughout though sometimes it became distorted due to the mix, as did the vocals of Lukas Magyar who flawlessly moves between growls and clean singing easily though when he was at the top of his clean range the feedback was a little annoying.

The sound throughout was muddy meaning that some of the more intricate passages were lost, as Sam Applebaum's drums and Danny Hauser's bass dominated the mix. Still not many seemed to care as they brought out big hitters like Doublespeak, latest single Members Only and Mikasa getting the smallish crowd moving on a night where Ghost had the majority of the audience over at the Motorpoint Arena. VOM are a band that are technically solid, infusing their metalcore some tech-death mastery and massive grooves. They were playing to a partisan audience (the room became a lot more sparse as changeover took place) so it was very clear that Veil Of Maya washed away any bad taste from their last gig with this storming support set. 

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