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Saturday 4 April 2020

Reviews: Pigsx7, Crimson Star, Her Name Was Fire, Witches Of Doom (Paul H & Matt)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs: Viscerals (Rocket Recordings)

A nasty noise from Geordieland as Pigsx7 return with their newest uncompromising mixture of walloping stoner, thumping doom (New Body), expansive noise rock and stomping hardcore punk the band have released an EP and album so far so this is their third 'proper' release and it comes off the back of their sold-out name making gig at London's Scala showcasing the bands' firebrand performance style, something they are trying to capture on this record, aptly named Viscerals. From the Sabbathian styled Crazy In Blood, to the raging psychedelic tinged Reducer, the complicated simplicity of the 9 minute Halloween Bolson (which says bastard more than Sean Bean) and the roaring straight up stoner of Hell's Teeth. Pigsx7 are the belligerent, unwieldy vocals Matt Baty, the biting riffs of Sam Grant and Adam Ian Sykes give way to great swathes of wailing cleans. The engine room of Christopher Morley (drums) and John-Michael Hedley (bass) lead World Crust with crushing fuzz. There will be publications that will make a huge fuss over this record I'm sure, but what you have here is very decent stoner album with a lot of other influences thrown in to make them a very unique prospect. 7/10

Crimson Star: The Olde Dawg EP (Self Released) [Paul Hutchings]

A nice small punchy package here, with the three track EP from Birmingham three-piece who comprise members Jay D Shaw – Vocals / Guitars; Roj Ash – Bass; Chris Hopton – Drums and Booms. Produced by Romesh Dodangoda, this is the band’s third EP since their formation in 2013. They may be from the home of metal, and there is the odd Sabbath influence buried in their music. More predominant influences are slightly lighter outfits such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, as well as hint of Muse. New drummer Hopton performs admirably, keeping everything locked down tightly. Living a Lie, the opening track kicks off proceedings with a nice stomping feel, the band’s mellow sound giving way to a chunky riff which opens the song. A bit heavier style on Norma, Shaw’s vocals confident and solid. The title track concludes the EP, a rocking number that will no doubt be a favourite in the live arena. A sweet melody and driving vibe make this and the whole album an enjoyable listen. 6/10

Her Name Was Fire: Decadent Movement (Self Released) [Matt Bladen]

You've probably heard it before, a two piece act, guitar/vocals and drums. Got an idea what they will sound like? Well Her Name Was Fire sound like that, stoner, grunge and blues all in the melting pot to make a heady stew that's part QOTSA, part Muse, part Royal Blood, this Lisbon duo are João Campos and  Tiago Lopes don't do anything different to their more well known influence with a pop tone to Specter, the Muse-like Allure and several other hard hitting low fuzz guitars Decadent Movement is nothing you haven't heard from any of the myriad two piece bands around. 5/10

Witches Of Doom: Funeral Radio (My Kingdom Music) [Paul Hutchings]

Funeral Radio is the third full-length album from the Rome-based outfit, whose music is an intriguing combination of gothic, stoner and doom. There are certainly elements of Type O Negative, Danzig and Sabbath in the mix. The haunting Coma Moonlight is a fine song with its dripping emotional feel. Then there’s the gothic haunt Queen of Suburbia, with the inclusion of some Hammond organ adding to the atmospheric feel. Painting dark scenarios with their own identity is clearly important as although the band take elements of everything from Monster Magnet to Nick Cave to The Fields of the Nephilim, there is something quite original about Witches of Doom. The title track merges the gothic feel with a slab of desert stoner rock which is both creative and subtly intoxicating with a closing couple of minutes that are rather special. November Tales and the eerie Hotel Paranoia, which conclude the album both contain impressive moments that encapsulate the band’s sound. This is certainly an album worth checking out upon release. 7/10

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