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Monday 11 September 2023

A View From The Back Of The Room: Elkapath (Live Review By Matt Bladen)

Elkapath, Puzzle Tree, Celavi, Pyrogaric, Daughters Of Darkness, Green Rooms, Trefforest, 08.09.23

Female fronted is not a genre, that we can all agree upon. This absolute fact was totally evident by the diversity of bands on offer at Green Rooms on a sweltering Friday night in September (British weather is weird innit?). 

First up in this practice studio-cum-venue were The Daughters Of Darkness dance troupe. Pairing dance routines, both group and individual, with metal tracks it was creative and well choreographed, lots of talent on display as they got the crowd warmed up for the musical acts. With a darker more gothic edge than other metal/rock dance troupes (scary clown paint). There were a lot of supporters in the crowd as they raised the temperature, higher than it already was.

First musical act though was two piece Pyrogaric (7) having seen them a lot on the last year, the tracks are now very familiar, but they managed to throw in a new one too to shake up the set. Not the guitar tone seemed a bit fuzzier than normal tonight but the vocals were still excellent. Always giving a good show Pyrogaric are a treat for fans of retro infused rock.

Now to something completely different as Celavi (7) came all the way from Bangor in North Wales to play the Green Rooms, bringing with them gothic nu metal grooves, some dancey electronics and bags of style. With their normal guitarist playing drums there were a few issues with the on stage sound and the mic cut out a number of times. But again the crowd were definitely enjoying their set, the additon of two Welsh language numbers a particular highlight. They brought energy to the room considering how far they had come.

Speaking of energy, what can I say about Puzzle Tree (9)? The band of the night for me as they multifaceted heavy riffing made me stand open mouthed at just how bloody good they are. Front woman Rachel never stops as well as grooving, posturing and moshing, she also has voice that is incredibly powerful, the harmonies from guitarist Matthew Alexander Powell lifting up the hook laden choruses. The right mix of everything I like in music a bit rock, a bit prog, a bit grunge, a bit metal, the band are slick, drilled and give plenty of riffs, solos and sing along moments, but with an underlying techincality, that appeals to nerds like me. Puzzle Tree smashed it out of the park in The Green Rooms. This was my first time seeing them but it won't be the last! 

Having to follow that were the nights last band Elkapath (7) who had organised the whole shebang to showcase the wealth of talent in the UK scene. Moving things into a spookier, more occult direction, they are a horror metal band with ethreal cleans and growls coming from the singer while the band played gothic infused metal behind her. Elkapath are supporting their latest album on this tour, so the bulk of the set came from there, bewitching and beguiling while also getting the head nodding. It was heavy riffs in the verses that shifted into soaring choruses, the extreme metal influences dragging it down into the depths. 

A unique act to close out an entertaining night of music on Trefforest Industrial Estate, reiterating that female fronted is not only NOT a genre, it's lazy, sexist journalism.  

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