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Wednesday 4 October 2023

A View From The Back Of The Room: Conjurer (Live Review By Matt Bladen)

Conjurer, Helpless & Silverburn, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, 28.09.23

Crafty little Thursday gig as some of the UK's heaviest bands strutted their stuff in Cardiff. What was basically a post ArcTanGent meet up and a preparation for two of the band to play the first ever Crowded Festival, Cardiff got itself a perfectly formed three band bill smack in the middle of Freshers week.

As James 'Jimbob' Issac's new project Silverburn (9) kicked of frhw evening my heart did sink a little as there was quite a sparse crowd for the scene veteran and his techincally skilled brand of groove driven metal. Thankfully as they hit their stride the room started to fill, with many familiar faces packing into Clwb's top room to see the songs from Silverburn's incredible debut album, Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation, blasting out of the venues P.A. Still sounding spot on and clear as a bell, the gifted trio meld crushing sludge with virtuoso playing. I recommend any fans of heavy music built on towering riffs to check them out asap.

Next it was something a bit more frenzied. Still supporting their Caged In Gold release, the grindcore/noise foursome caused aural pain with heavily reverbed, dissonant music, accompanied by some raging vocals. Helpless (7) while not to my normal taste, they keep enough doom/sludge in their sound to to be invested in their set. Abrasive and aggressive Helpless laid the groundwork for the headliners.

The last time I saw headliners Conjurer (10) in this venue was at the inaugural Red Sun Festival where they played two sets, quite early in the day to seem them now headlining the same venue, was inspiring for any band who play heavy music. An absolute masterclass in poise, precision and pneumatic pummeling, Conjurer, utilise a less is more approach, limited stage banter in favour of more and more riffs. 

Brady Deeprose and Dan Nightingale sharing both the extreme vocal style and the guitars that drive the emotionally powerful and musically formidable music. The majority of the set came from their most recent album Pàthos, with a few from Mire thrown in, their doom, sludge, post metal modern heavy metal melting pot scintillating to hear. With the dual vocal/guitar approach it leaves the lead lined bottom end up to Conor Marshall who's neck must be absolutely broken the amount he windmills, the trenches he creates with drummer Noah See, so big that you could fight at the Somme in them. 

A packed house, three of the UK's loudest bands and more grooves that and heavyweight piece of vinyl what more could you want on a Thursday night! 

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