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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Another Point Of View: Alter Bridge (Live Review By Stief)

Alter Bridge, Volbeat, Gojira, Like A Storm - Motorpoint Arena Cardiff

With the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena deciding to open doors at 5, it meant Nic, Dan and I got into the arena in time to catch the end of Like A Storm's (6) final song Love The Way You Hate Me. Pretty decent fare, and a band I'd probably check out another time.

However, when French Metal titans Gojira (9) take the stage, it's a whole other level, their brutal riffs and earthquake-inducing bass threatening to tear apart our quaint little arena. Starting with Toxic Garbage Island and L'Enfant Sauvage before treating the crowd to a triple whammy of heavy hitters from Magma, including the awesome Silvera. As the band close with fan favourite Vacuity, it's evident that many minds have been well and truly blown.

Volbeat (8) are another flavour altogether, tearing straight into The Devil's Bleeding Crown, their rockabilly inspired heavy metal sound causing an infectious wave of dancing and headbanging through the entire arena. Fan (and personal) favourite Lola Montez also elicits a similar reaction. Other noteworthy moments include a quick cover of Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire followed by Sad Man's Tongue and one of Volbeat's heaviest songs, Evelyn, where the vicious growls of Barney Green way of Napalm Death were adequately performed by Michael Poulsen who's voice is both powerful and soulful, the northern twang in most songs fitting perfectly with the Rockabilly vibe.

After an announcement that tonight's performance is being recorded for a live CD, Alter Bridge (8) take to the stage to tremendous applause, opening with The Writing On The Wall from this year's The Last Hero, following it up with Come To Life. The band give a good show, their performance including songs from throughout their career, from the aforementioned The Last Hero to debut album One Day Remains. Frontman Myles Kennedy has a brilliant stage presence, constantly engaging the audience and the man admittedly has a great voice, although it's not to my personal taste.

He's backed up vocally by guitarsmith Mark Tremonti, who even takes centre stage for Waters Rising. Tremonti's voice is excellent, and even when he isn't singing, his guitar work is brilliant. The band's sound is tight, with Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall keeping the rhythm on drums and bass respectively. Overall, an enjoyable night with some brilliant music.

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