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Monday, 14 November 2016

Another Point Of View: Impericon Never Say Die Tour (Live Review By Stief)

Impericon Never Say Die Tour, Marble Factory, Bristol

That's right folks, it's time for the annual Impericon Never Say Die! Tour, something I've never actually attended before, but enjoyed nonetheless. Thanks to the wonderful British traffic, we walked into the Marble factory in time to see fourth band on the bill, Obey The Brave (7) whose metalcore riffage was quite frankly, pretty brutal. However, when Carnifex (8) take the stage, the brutality is taken up about 10 notches, the entire of the factory turning into a pulsating mass of circle pits and headbanging. Throwing out new songs such as Drown Me In Blood and Slow Death, the band also mix it up with classics Lie To My Face and set closer Hell Chose Me.

Next up were the lads from Oz, Thy Art is Murder (8) who yet again take the brutality dial and turn it up a few notches. Lee Stanton's double bass pedal is consistent throughout the entire set, and Kevin Butler's Bass threatens to pull the building apart at points. Stand-in vocalist Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution sounds perfectly in place, his vicious screams and animalistic growls fitting right in with the band's sound. Much like Carnifex, the band throw out some newer stuff from last year's Holy War, such as the titular track and Light Bearer as well as songs from Hate, including final song Reign Of Darkness. All in all a great mix.

As Whitechapel (9) take the stage, the crowd are ready for them, and they know it, tearing right into Mark Of The Blade and Elitist Ones, before reaching way back to their roots with Vicer Exciser. Phil Bozeman's vocals are angry and savage, but shows his clean vocals are just as good with slower song Bring Me Home, moving from clean to vicious in moments, the crowd swaying, lighters held aloft. The band manage to cover a lot of ground in their roughly 50-minute slot and with crowd pleaser The Saw Is The Law as an encore, the band leave the stage without much pomp and circumstance.

Oh and the final count for circle pit requests from bands: 12.

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