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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Reviews: Horisont, Chronus, Wolcensmen (Reviews By Paul)

Horisont: About Time (Century Media)

I have to admit that although I knew the name of this band, they were uncharted waters. About Time, album number 7 for the Swedes changed this instantly with a crazy journey back to the 1970s. However, whilst the band’s sound is steeped in the psychedelic rock of that period, it isn't at all tired. Opener The Hive, with it’s beautiful keys enhancing the track, is a great track with some superb guitar duels and vocalist Axel’s high pitched vocals perfect. The fun doesn't stop throughout the album, high quality tunes that keep the foot tapping. Changes in style are limited but there are fantastic variations on theme, with the stomp of Without Warning contrasting with the mellowness of Letare, it's acoustic feel just magic. Then there is the Quo sounding Boogie Of Night Line, with its beautiful harmonies and duel guitar lead work. You even get a bit of Boston on the lovely Point Of Return, guitar work of David and Charles deliciously simple yet intricate at the same time. Swirling keys and the groove of rhythm duo Magnus (bass) and drummer Pontus underpinning the whole song. It gets even better with the disco infused Boston Gold firmly entrenched in the late 70s. The title track closes the album, a six minute plus ramble through the gardens of delight. The smell of incense wafts through the room and you relax. So good. 9/10

Chronus: Self Titled (Self Released)

Formed in Helsingborg, Sweden in 2012, Chronus may not have the snappiest of names but their self-titled debut release is a splendid half hour crammed full of melodic hard rock. My immediate comparisons brought Audrey Horne to mind and that is a fantastic thing as Audrey Horne are just brilliant. Sebastian Axelsson's pure rich vocals are superbly suited to the band’s atmospheric sound. Enhanced by a crisp production, tracks like Setting Sun and the fantastic Avarice, with it’s irresistible hook, lift the listener up high. Hold Me (Set Me Free), at over 7 minutes long, contains crashing riffs, emotion by the bucketful and builds into a stunning climax to a perfect album. Music to work out to, break the speed limit to or simply enjoy; it's all here in this gem. 9/10

Wolcensmen: Songs From The Fyrgen (Deivlforst Records)

The side project of Winterfylleth guitarist Dan Capp, Songs From The Fyrgen really is as good as the limited media reportage suggested. Epic heathen folk, quintessentially English without any superiority, simple yet astonishingly complex, there are few words to describe it. With the majority of the album performed by Dan, with assistance from some renowned musicians, the whole release is stunning in its beauty and majesty. The ten minute Neath A Wreath Of Firs is spellbinding, dripping with atmosphere whilst the shorter tracks, such as The Mon o’ Micht retain the mystery of nature. A limited edition release of 500. Is really is an album worth checking out. 10/10

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