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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Reviews: Valkeat, Marys Creek, Invisible Mirror (Reviews By Stief)

Valkeat: Valkeat (Redhouse Finland)

A promising debut from this Finnish quintet, which pairs heavy rock in the vein of Alter Bridge and the like, with folk influences. The band manage to produce a heavy sound whilst retaining a softer edge with Mikka Virtapuro's vocals. Elias Yli-Jaskari's drumming is on point, and the guitar work from Aleksi Kärkkäinen is brilliant. The Finnish Kantele, played by Eppu Puhjo brings out the folk in the band's sound, and works excellently with the rock side. The album has a bit of everything, from fast paced toe tapping folk (Hohde) to slower, borderline ambient stuff (Kajo) and the odd chant-along song (title track). A great start for these guys. 8/10

MarysCreek: Infinity (MTM Music)

With an ambivalent release date (either Jan 2016 or Jan 2017) we have some Swedish heavy metal with a definite Industrial influence here. This is MarysCreek's second full length album, and it's a great one, with heavy, chugging guitars and drums, along with some good vocal work from Mats Nilsson, backed up by guitarist Jonas Hallberg. Generally, there's not much to separate MarysCreek from their peers, but that's not to say it isn't a good album. If you enjoy your heavy metal, particularly in the vein of Pantera, with a slice of industrial tweaking, then Infinity is an album you should grab. 7/10

Invisible Mirror: On The Edge Of Tomorrow (WormHoleDeath)

From the heavy riffs and chants of album opener Frozen River to the title track through to closing song The Loner, Invisible Mirror show they're a force to be reckoned with. The band wear their influences on their sleeves, be it through Claude Magyar and Clode Savage's Maiden-esque melodies wrapping and weaving with each other, or Chris Schwarz's brilliant voice which sometimes brings to mind Grand Magus. Believe shows the slower side of the band's sound. They are very tight as a unit, Seba Dixon's drums never ceasing in speed, whilst Ricky Bonazza's bass work keeps the rhythm as he also provides the backup vocals. This is an excellent album for any metalheads who enjoy their metal heavy and fast. 8/10

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