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Thursday, 17 May 2018

A View From The Back Of The Room: Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics

Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

There are a few bands that you will never turn up the chance to see and Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics are becoming one of those bands. The former Heaven's Basement singer has hit his stride with this band, we all saw his capability in his previous band but the too much, too young, too fast curse reared its ugly head and now outside of the arenas the reinvigorated Buchanan along with the band called The Cult Classics are tearing up smaller, sweatier venue across Europe. Having played the same venue on their previous tour there was sense of deja vu but that didn't matter, when the fire in this band burns so bright you could see them 20 times and still tap your feet, nod your head and by the fifth time be singing along.

Arriving late for both support bands the noises V0id made were acceptable enough having a radio friendly radio rock sound they were an act I could definitely see again however I didn't really catch enough of them to give them a score. Still maybe next time.

A short changeover led to a truncated set, due to the post gig club night, but with so much still to prove they Cult Classics took to the stage and kicked things off with their CD perfect versions of their own brand of hard rock. Again mixing Cult Classic material with Heaven's Basement works this time it was the Cult Classic songs that struck more of a chord with audience, possibly due to some high profile support slots for the band, highlights included Left Me For Dead, Dancing Down Below, the single All These Things I've Said And Done, my personal favourite Fire In The Fields Of Mayhem and the always astonishing Man With The Stars On His Knees.

After some revolving membership (something that is encouraged, due to the band's collaborative nature) the honed rhythm section of Mart Trail (bass) and Paul White (drums) were the pace setters for the evening imbuing grooves and percussive power to the storming riffs of Laurie Buchanan and Tom McCarthy, the two switching between lead and rhythm but McCarthy taking the lion's share. The small but highly energetic crowd sang their hearts out and Aaron was on fine form his vocals are staggeringly good, he's built for stadia but in small venues he really tears the house down. As they were on strict time limit there was very little chit chat just time for a few thank yous and it was onto the next one leaving the set striding along well. A brilliant performance all round and yet another solid but criminally overlooked booking from Pity My Brain, when they come round again don't miss it! 9/10

Editors Note: I just want to make it known that I really don't like club nights that follow gigs, it means everything seems a little rushed and there is no time for the band to mingle, or sell merch after the event, before the security march in and start shouting for everyone to leave, either venues shouldn't put gigs on before clubnights or much like Fuel does offset the start time to the club night after a gig.   

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