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Monday, 28 May 2018

A View From The Back Of The Room: Marduk (Live Review By Sean)

Marduk, Ragnarok, Infernal War, Unlight, Azziard, The Globe Cardiff

Editor's Note: The below review is based upon the musical performance only, we here at MoM do not in anyway support or endorse political ideologies or ideas that may be associated with any of the bands featured in this review. We welcome all races, religions and creeds to read this blog and would never knowingly discriminate against any person. 

It’s a hot sunny evening in Cardiff, with a temperature rarely experienced but that doesn’t seem to be bothering the small gathering outside The Globe. Clad in black and offset by unreadable white logos, its safe to assume that the individuals gathered outside are here for a metal gig. And not just any type of metal, black FUCKING metal. Legendary Swedish black metalers Marduk, promoting their new album ‘Viktoria’, have returned to the land of the dragon, bringing in tow the equally blasphemous acts of Azziard (France), Unlight (Germany/Switzerland), Infernal War (Poland) and Ragnarok (Norway).

As the crowd begins to swell, a few are joking weather or not tonight's performance will affected by the recent controversies surrounding the Swedish bruisers and their Polish compatriots. A protest? A smoke bomb? PAMPHLETS!? Thankfully not, so with us finally being let though the entrance to The Globe it is up to Azziard to begin the evenings ritual.

Hooded and menacing with riffs to match, the French outfit set the precedent for tonight's proceedings and make a great impression on the quickly increasing crowd. As the strobe lighting bathes their bodies in an ethereal light, Azziard effortlessly converts the audience with their transgressive hymns. (8)

Up next are Unlight, offering a more fiery brand of assault in contrast with Azziard’s cold. Fast paced blasting and punctuated by melodic leads, Unlight get the necks moving with their more straightforward assault. Nothing fancy here, just good old fashioned black fucking metal. Occasional thrashy/NWOBHM riffs rear their head, this author is reminded of the likes of Unanimated and Dissection, before being thrust back into the burning blasphemy that is Unlight. Solid stuff! (8)

No strangers to controversy themselves, Infernal War take to the stage. Whatever misgivings this author may have for them are immediately blown to bits, as the myself and the audience are pummelled by riff after riff! Blast after blast! GOD FUCKING DAMN! Their aural siege creates the first (and many) pits of the night, with every shredding solo ripping the crowd asunder. If every church in a 500 mile radius isn’t obliterated and its denizens within reduced to a mass of meat, then colour me surprised. Absolutely savage! (9)

After taking a much needed fresh air (air conditioning, why u no work?), it is time for Ragnarok. Despite possessing one the silliest album covers I have ever seen (Blackdoor Miracle), Norwegian black metal masters Ragnarok put on a fine show. Possibly the most melodic band of the night, the Norwegians masterfully whip the crowd into a frenzied motion of moving necks and banging fists. It’s quite humbling for this author to witness the band that penned the mighty Murder, great stuff and the crowd eat it up. (8)

As the night draws to a close and after another hefty drag of fresh air, it is time for the final battle. Ominous noises begin to fill The Globe as Marduk take to the stage, looking every bit as grim and prepared for the final massacre. The crowd, whilst exhausted, erupt into life once more as vocalist Mortuus commands the troops on the frontlines with his inhuman rasp. Mainman/guitarist Morgan Hakansson’s mighty war machine unleashes full blown chaos in The Globe, with the audience tearing themselves to pieces in a gleeful explosion of violence.

The Leveling Dust
, Blonde Beast and new song Werwolf spur the soldiers on, never letting up for even an instant! After more than 20 years of existence, it’s truly awe inspiring that Marduk have lost none of their potency. Every blast is lethal, every strike is deadly and that big ol’ bulldozes the crowd into submission. And then it is over! The crowd is left decimated, The Globe is left barley standing and tonight has been an uncompromising display of blackened fury. 9/10

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