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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Venomous Thoughts 2015 Round Up

A very good ‘insert time of day you are reading this’ to you folks. Whilst I admit I haven't kept up with my friends at the Musipedia I have still been enjoying this years albums and here they are from 10 to 1.

10. A Light in the Dark- A Light in the Dark- 7/10

Surprisingly it was labelled as a black metal album. Whilst more melodic than anything else this is 43 minutes of instrumental music that whilst slightly repetitive still manages to encapsulate you if in the right mood

9. Slayer- Repentless- 8/10

I don't really need to say much about this album except that it's a testament that proves that Slayer can still carry on they're ferocious intensity even without Jeff Hanneman. They still have enough fuel in the tank and it’ll be interesting to see how their future relationship with Exodus’s Gary Holt will work out.
8. Kataklysm- Of Gods and Monsters- 8/10

The Canadian outfit return with their death metal album by numbers, but by Jove they know how to do it so well. One song on there I feel should've had a guitar solo on there (single The Black Sheep) but the constant riffing that makes death metal album like that enjoyable for me to listen to without guitar solos. Worth a listen if you love old school death metal.

7. Ghost- Meliora- 8/10
The Swedish occult rockers do it again with their third release. They're heavier, just as
melodic and Papa Emeritus III still holds a mystical grandeur from both image and vocals alike his previous two counter-parts. He Is and Majesty being 2 of my favourite tracks from the album. A shame I was not able to view their performance in the UK this December gone by.

6. Baroness- The Purple Album 8/10

A last minute album added to my list but still a very good choice to help some up the year. With sludgy riffs and solos that wouldn't have felt too out of place on a Mastodon album. Opening track Morningstar, Kerosine, and Chlorine And Wine are some of my favorites on this thick heavy album.

5. Lamb of God- VII Sturm Und Drang 9/10
A lot had happened to the boys from Virginia, most of it affecting Randy Blythe, but they have never let that stop them in the past. Moving on from the heavy album that was Resolution, VII continues from where they left off in terms of song structure quality but with lyrical themes that relate to Blythes experiences in prison both whilst inside and during the post-resolution touring cycle period. A quality record.
4. Krisun- Forged In Fury- 9/10
Another death metal album I fell in love with this year, whilst lacking something from some of their older material albeit quality solos, the song structure and the riffs heard from this album most certainly made it one of my death metal albums of the year.

3. Blind Guardian- Beyond The Red Mirror- 9/10
Blind Guardian have always amazed me, and with a back catalogue as extensive as theirs I still find it incredible how they're more recent songs always blend in so well. A concept album it maybe but the sounds of each individual chapter of the album could fit so well in a Guardian setlist. A very worthy power metal album this year.

2. Clutch- Psychic Warfare- 10/10
The funkadelic hard rockers returned to glorious form(like they can do any less) going hot on the heels of 2013's Earth Rocker, there are tracks like X-Ray Visions, Doom Saloon/Our Lady Of Electric, and Son Of Virginia, tracks I was fortunate to see live are amongst perfect staples of the ever changing Clutch set list. Definitely a brilliant album of the year.

1.God Is An Astronaut- Helios Erebus- 10/10
Earlier in the year I think I gave this a lower review but my opinion of this album has changed so much over the months that I got more and more addicted to its fluidity. With each song starting with a mellow Pink Floyd type intro to then ending on a heavy note so fluidly you don't actually notice it until you're listening to the next song. My own bias makes it my own personal album of the year though I do recommend this to a lot of people and can hopefully get constructive criticism out of others.

Special Mentions:

Joe Satriani- Shockwave Supernova- 8/10

Cradle of Filth- Hammer Of The Witches- 7/10

My Dying Bride- Feel The Misery- 8/10

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