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Wednesday 7 September 2016

Reviews: Almah, 2 Headed Dogs, Exekuter

Almah: E.V.O (King Records)

Almah are a Brazilian power metal band formed by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Edu Falaschi, the band started as a Falaschi's solo project but has steadily evolved into a fully formed band. Their history has been a little potted due to Falaschi's tenure in the other Brazilian power metal heavyweights Angra, however in a marked difference to Angra, Almah have a much more melodic sound sometimes bordering on AOR in contrast to Angra who have always been a lot more progressive, that said stylistically there is a lot of the Angra sound to this record meaning that it is almost a audible twin to Rebirth (Falaschi's debut Angra outing) adding the occasional progressive touch, especially on the title track. E.V.O is the band's fifth album and it once again is filled with soaring melodic power metal, it is a concept album based on the evolution of people’s mind and soul during the forthcoming Age Of Aquarius. Speranza is brings in the AOR with the swathes of synth and emotive lyrics which continues on the big ballad The Brotherhood which takes things to Magnum territory, Falaschi's vocals are reminiscent of Geoff Tate and suit the heavier tracks such as Pleased To Meet You and Final Warning that litter this record. E.V.O is a powerful return from the Brazilian band. 8/10   

2 Headed Dogs: 2 Headed Dogs (Self Released)

I've said in previous review about the Greeks love of stoner metal, so I'm not going in to too much detail here but needless to say if it's sludgy, bluesy and cloaked in a thick fug of herbal leaves the Greeks will probably lap it up. So then when I pressed play on 2 Headed Dogs (not to be associated with the Aussie band Two Headed Dog) the big riff of Space Time is your starter for ten with the mind altering spirit of Dave Wyndorf at the forefront. The band clearly recorded this record while flying in the clouds but that's what you want from a stoner rock band, fuzzy riffs and analogue hiss and everything reverbed to hell and back, they break out of their fug for the punky Start Rolling and Josh Homme would be proud of Dreamy Ride and the 7 minute Desert rocker Line Of The Stars. 2 Headed Dogs is a killer stoner rock record for those that like their blunts fat and their sounds amped up, crack a beer and turn it up!! 7/10  

Exekuter: The Obscene Ones (EBM Music)

Yet another band from Greece, but unlike their countrymen above Exekuter play harsher more aggressive type of music, as their name probably alludes to they ply their trade in razor sharp thrash riffs delivered with vitriol and snarl, the riffs as pointed as the Jackson Flying V's the band play. As the record starts No Morals explodes out of the speakers it's the furious Slayer style riffs that hook you from the first moment, the scarred vocals bark the lyrics at pace, they even have the stop start soloing of the Bay Area natives. The songs come fast, as the drums blast away like a cannon barrage, the bass playing gives the songs their guts and the guitars shred and shred and shred, they are not all about speed though the songs are paced well turning into a meaty stomp when they slow. This record sounds like Slayer in their Black Magic period, raw, primal and full of hostility, other than than the songwriting this stripped back sound carries through to the production which sounds analogue with a hiss present on every song. The Obscene Ones looks back to the heroes such as Slayer and Exodus but there is enough modernity to give the band their own take. 7/10

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