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Friday 2 September 2016

Reviews: Bewitcher, Outright Resistance, Odin's Beard

Bewitcher: S/T (Heretic Fire Records) [Review By Paul]

Blackened speed metal. Yes, we all love a bit of this at MoM towers. Welcome not to hell but to Bewitcher, a three piece outfit from Portland, Oregon whose self-titled album leaves nothing to the faint hearted. With the ridiculously named, wait for it, Unholy Weaver of Shadows and Incantations on guitar and vocals, Infernal Magus of Nocturnal Alchemy pounding the bass and best of all, introducing Diabolical Crusher of Hallowed Light on demonic drumming, it's hard to take these fuckers seriously. However, if you like Venom, these guys will be right up your street. It’s unsophisticated but quite brilliant 100mph stuff and with tracks like Speed Til You Bleed, Wild Blasphemy and the mighty Harlots of Hell who am I to argue. It’s fast, it's filthy, demonic and satanic with a vocal delivery reminiscent of Cronos circa 1982. Get down to the coven, sacrifice your goat and get into the fires of hell. I love it. Hail Satan. 8/10

Outright Resistance: Me Vs I (Self Released) [Review By Stief]

Having seen these guys at BOA 2016, it was only right we review their second EP Me vs I. Starting with a bit of spoken word, the title track seems to surround both the internal and external struggles involved in bullying, with the voices goading the main person to 'do it, kill 'em'. Thought provoking stuff before the band starts building up to some brutal heavy metal. Every song is oozing with passion and anger, and you can tell the band's no-nonsense, come-at-us attitude is genuine, heavy riffs from Michael "Grandad" Worsley and Joe Jacobs, Chris Everett laying down some chunky bass and Michael "Nelly" O'Neill blasting the drums. However, it is "Captain" Paige Lee's voice that pushes this band from just another heavy metal band to something special. Having witnessed Paige and the band perform live, it's no different on the tracks, and you can tell she is channelling her passion and anger into every syllable. This band are championing positivity, with Prove Them Wrong pushing for everyone to do just that. It's a brilliant message and I think this is just the start of Outright Resistances career. Definitely a band to keep your eye on in the future, here's to a full album soon! 10/10

Odin's Beard: Anaphylaxis (Self released) [Review By Stief]

Odin's beard and the concept of this album were created at BOA 2015, when a group of friends started to chat about how annoying wasps are, and now a year later, we have Anaphylaxis.
With song titles such as Fuck Off Wasp, Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Wasp and Wasp In My Beer, you can kind of guess the underlying theme of this album. On the surface of it, the album is very amateurish, the production is lacking but the band makes up for it in comedy value, and at the end of the day, it's a group of friends dicking about singing about Wasps. Merv and Tina Harris lead the band, but due to the low production value of the album, you don't seem to get the full effect of their voices, and this feeling carries on into the rest of the band's sound. The album encompasses a good chunk of the metal spectrum, with Wasp in My Beer opening with an almost operatic intro, before moving into some great hard rock riffage. Sting Operation with a NWOBHM riff before turning into a punk song. The album is a mixed bag, even dipping into rap with The Blood, The Sweat, The Talc, a beastie boys style song about 'Betty Swollocks'. Overall, it's a great album, and with better production, Odin's beard could make it into my top comedy metal bands. 6/10

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