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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Reviews: Gov't Mule, Entrails, Temple Of Lies, Onegodless (Reviews By Paul)

Gov't Mule: Revolution Come Revolution Go (Universal Music)

Formed by Warren Haynes and Allen Woody back in 1994 as a side project from The Allman Brothers, the Mule have churned out releases more regularly than “that there” mule produces dung. Revolution Come Revolution Go is album number 10 and it is as laid back and awesome as all the others. The Allman Brothers were of course, one of the greatest Southern rock bands that ever existed, with a plethora of epic tunes that far exceed the well-known Jessica (Top Gear soundtrack for the uninitiated). With a revolving door of musicians when they play live, the nucleus of the band has been constant for several years, with Haynes and drummer Matt Abts the original members joined by Keyboardist Danny Louis and Jorgen Carlsson on bass. Revolution Come Revolution Go is a social statement on the current political position in the States.

Check out opener Stone Cold Rage for a fiery example. It’s an album that is worth investing time in, and time is what is needed with a running time of 113 minutes and 18 tracks. But what superb music it is, with the relaxed feel of The Allmans coursing through the album. It’s mellow but angry at the same time. Confidence oozes through the tracks, Haynes velvety deep South vocals melting into each song whilst the keyboards dip in and out, underpinning the quality. Meanwhile the guitar work is exemplary, dripping with soulful blues and Southern rock.

Listen to Pressure Under Fire, Louis’ swirling keyboards quite magnificent. The title track is a Black Crowes style funk soaked meander, a quite beautiful piece that builds slowly, pace changing as progress is achieve, the component parts combining to make it just magical with some sublime interplay as the track descends into an almost freeform jazz piece towards the final third. Gov't Mule make a rare appearance in Cardiff toward the end of October this year. I shall be making my way there to see this quite magnificent band in action. I strongly advise you to do the same. 9/10

Entrails: World Inferno (Metal Blade)

Although Swedes Entrails operated for several years in the 1990s, their recording history only began in 2008 when the band picked up the reigns again and reformed. Led by guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist, World Inferno is album number four, and in their own words is “death metal and no fucking else”. Whilst they clearly haven’t sorted out their grammar, Entrails deliver well on this release, which is a real slab of old school death metal in the veins of Entombed, Grave and Carcass.

The band also capture some of the real early thrash thuggery of Slayer and Metallica, such as on the mighty Condemned To The Grave, a real spine crusher of a track. World Inferno is a fine release, massively heavy whilst also laden with hooks, powerful as an armoured tank on the rampage. It is well worth grabbing a copy if you like your death metal hard and heavy. 9/10

Temple Of Lies: The Serial Killer Suite (Attic Records)

Midlands based Temple Of Lies third album doesn’t fuck about. It’s clear from the start that Monster Magnet feature highly in their list of influences. Throw in the stoner groove of Orange Goblin and the old school sound of Leviathan era Mastodon and you’ve got one hell of a mix. The band remind me of Texas Hippie Collective and Hogjaw, two US outfits whose groove laden riffing is comfortably matched here. 48 minutes of relentlessly heavy and impressive metal with a blistering edge, the combination Si Shaw, Jon Scranney, Jags and Alex Gamble effortlessly delivering some warped and twisted tunes. Tracks such as Epic Doom, Modeus Operandi and the pounding bass lines of single Skin are all sinister and yet appealing. Get down to the The Temple of Lies. It’s time for worship. 8/10

Onegodless: Mourner (Self Released)

Founded by Dutch bass player Robin Zielhorst (Cynic, Exivious, Our Oceans) alongside vocalist Pieter Verpaalen (Textures), Yordi Lopez (Red Eyes, 3D Monster) and Yuma van Eekelen (Pestilence, Exivious), ONEGODLESS play what they have termed “heavystonerluesgrooverockslugemetal”. To be fair, all those genres flash in and out of this heavy long player, with Zielhorst’s crazed bass lines battling with the heavy riffage of Lopez’s guitar. It’s solid stuff, with some powerful and brutal tunes. The chug of Unstable contrasts with the robust Burn the Sun, the consistent groove giving each track a pumped-up feel. Verpaalen’s vocals are a little one dimensional for me but fit the style of the band who at times have a similar feel to Midland’s groove masters Obzidian. It’s worth a spin. 7/10

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