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Monday 12 June 2017

Reviews: Insatia, Enemy I, Perpetual Rage

Insatia: Phoenix Aflame (Pitch Black Records) [Review By Stief]

A bit of a mixed bag, this album, but don't get me wrong, this bag is full of delicious power metal treats. Starting with an ethereal siren song before breaking into some brilliant sounding metal, replete with strings and excellent vocals care of lead vocalist Zoë. The band's focus shifts from the classical sounding strings of Act Of Mercy to the synth filled Memory Of A Sapphire and this pattern continues throughout the album. Bassist Dave Ablaze shows his vocal chops as well during Not My God, his soulful voice contrasting well with Zoë's. If you enjoy Temperance and similar bands, then Insatia is definitely a band you should be checking out! 8/10 

Enemy I: Dysphoria (Self Released) [Review By Stief]

Something a bit heavier from Berlin here, the first full album from Enemy I is full of vicious industrial sounds from start to finish. From the strange beginning of Don't Trust to the pounding drums of Placebo God, you can hear the sinister feeling the band are trying to purvey leaking throughout. This is pure industrial metal, head banging heaviness spread right through, lead vocalist Rob DeVille's clean vocals and growling working perfectly with Alex Swienty's drumming, Arthur Antagonist's bass and distorted guitars from Jay Agana and Marco Neujahr. DeVille shows a softer side with final song Spell-cast, which, while slower and quieter than others on the album, still has that underlying sinisterness seen through the rest of the album. Check them out if you like your industrial metal dark and brooding! 8/10

Perpetual Rage: Empress Of The Cold Stars (Inverse Records) [Review By Paul]

This is the second album from Finland’s Perpetual Rage. The band are a four piece who have been around since 2009. It’s traditional fast paced heavy metal, Iron Maiden, Priest etc. all come to mind. Musically very competent, the whole album is let down by the voice of Tomi Viiltola, whose high-pitched Kai Hansen style grates from start to finish which is a shame because the band play some decent if formulaic heavy metal. By the time I’d got to the third track Boundless I was ready to stop listening. One to avoid. 5/10

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